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  1. Top 10 things Jeep should have done

    Yes what you said about the gear storage becoming awkward.
  2. Top 10 things Jeep should have done

    To this I will add a front passenger seat that folds flat. I’d love to sleep in my two door when I solo camp without curling up in a ball.
  3. Spare Tires Shakes

    That's a clean and simple solution. Most people wouldn't even notice.
  4. Help?! 2020 JLU Fishtailed and Rolled From Potential Clutch and ABS System Failure

    This is my first Jeep but I've owned many four wheel drives with every type of engagement system from auto trans/pushbutton 4wd to manual trans/manual locking hubs. The first time I shifted this JL into 4wd I had already heard how stiff it can be so I did it as a warm-weather test in my gravel...
  5. Dealer wants me to sign a new lease contract

    Several years back, as the owner of a landscaping company, I purchased a John Deere skid steer. Signed paperwork, paid a big deposit, took possession, a month went by, made the first payment. Then John Deere contacted me and told me that after consideration, they wanted me to sign a personal...
  6. Will Rubicon or Sahara grill fit on sport?

    There's another thread about this, and I'll try to answer without messing it up. Yes, they fit. But on the sport the whole grill is one piece, whereas the Rubi and Sahara have separate pieces on the bottom and sides, so you would have to be sure you have those as well. Someone can correct me or...
  7. Going in 4WD over 45 mph

    The way that concept was first phrased to me when I was younger and had my first 4WD truck was "4WD helps you go a lot, helps you steer a little, but helps you stop not in the slightest". Lesson learned was to still drive safely, and extra safely when the conditions warrant 4WD.
  8. Why only 33" tires on the Wrangler Rubicon 392?

    Don’t forget 8. So when YOU put 35s or 37s they can void your warranty.
  9. Tire and Rim switch and seats

    Two things... 33" KO2s come in a load range C, which is lighter and less of a ride penalty (though I have only a little experience with the heavier rated tires) and that's fine for me. But also they have been fantastic in the snow, where I had found the stock sport Duelers to be pretty squirmy.
  10. Tire and Rim switch and seats

    Exactly what I did. I like the sport s wheels and just wanted to fill the wheel wells a little better. No rubbing issues at all.
  11. FCA working on a new inline 6?

    Spot on. In terms of efficiency, manufacturing efficiency that is, with four-cylinder engines so prevalent, if you’re going to do a six cylinder engine it’s easier to just add two cylinders in a line then to build a V configuration on a different assembly line. BMW and Mercedes and several other...
  12. Passenger air bag and putting things on the grab bar safety question

    I’m not sure why anyone would risk it. There are plenty of other places and attachments to store a phone or other small stuff nowhere near the airbags.
  13. FCA working on a new inline 6?

    Also, inline 6 engines have perfect primary and secondary balance, they are among the smoothest running engine designs. A result of that can be less overall mass from huge counterweights and balance shafts making for more efficiency, if the manufacturer does their homework.
  14. Defroster solutions?

    Here’s my setup with the 22 slots in the middle plugged. Each slot still lets enough air through to do the middle yet diverts the rest to the sides. This works perfectly for me. Just wish there was a single piece black diverter to go across.
  15. Defroster solutions?

    I’ll send you pics when I get home from work tonight.
  16. Defroster solutions?

    That’s what I was hoping. If you make something functional and clean looking you may have some buyers, like me for instance.
  17. Defroster solutions?

    The issue is that for many the hot air all comes out the center and isn’t distributed to the sides enough to de-ice the corners in a snowstorm.
  18. Defroster solutions?

    It's summer and all but I'm wondering if there's a better option for redistributing the airflow from the defroster vents than those little square plastic tabs that fit in the individual holes. I use them, they work, but they do pop out, sit unevenly, look kinda homemade. Is there a more...
  19. Have any of you swapped your brand new stock tires as soon as your vehicle was delivered?

    I swapped with about 3000 miles on mine. It's a weird feeling to just throw away something that is perfectly good. First time I've ever done that.