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  1. Two Years of Wheeling, 32 badge trails 39,000+ miles, a short report out on trail damage and general observations.

    Great write up, always a pleasure reading your exploits, have a great thanksgiving
  2. Does anyone know what bumper this is?

    second thought not th Bondi
  3. Does anyone know what bumper this is?

    looks like ARB Bondi
  4. Crush cans / airbag operation?

    i had the same concerns until I took my bumper apart to install my ARB bumper, as stated above they are not connected in any manner to your airbags and in my honest opinion a joke. Dont let the decision of buying a new bumper be swayed by crush can compatible or not. Love my new ARB Bondi...
  5. Crush cans / airbag operation?

    yes it should operate fine, the crush cans from my understanding help decrease the odds of airbag deployment with low impact collision
  6. Need Prayers sent to me. I am taking about 15 Jeep women camping and Jeeping this weekend.

    cool pics and looks like a lot of fun post pics of the rubicon trail when u get back
  7. Jeep Slotted above Rubicon

    this is what the Recon Edition should have been instead of some aesthetic upgrades, stock lift with 35s, and reals skids
  8. Need Prayers sent to me. I am taking about 15 Jeep women camping and Jeeping this weekend.

    Pretty cool to do that for them, have fun, question are they going topless,? hehe, and of course we need a follow up report about how it went. I bet its a blast and just think how many brownie points you will earn with your wife.
  9. any issues with 2018 models?

    Well I have 21k on mine, off road it quite a bit and have thouroughly enjoyed it. The obvious flaw they have not fixed is the cheap easily broken windshields, other than that not a prob. My wifes rear defroster had to be replaced and she had a computer component that was shutting her down that...
  10. New ARB bumpers!

    Not sure, I plan to go to 35s, but i also plan a 2 inch mopar lift when I do, you might inquire with the sellers, they have been pretty straight with me when I ask a question
  11. Need help Sahara or Rubicon

    I have 4 jeeps currently, actually looking to pick up the sport unlimited for my daughter for college years with the discounts. She loves her 09 rubi but the miles have gotten up there and needs something more reliable. I have two JLU rubis, 2018 that my wife and i drive, hers is a mall...
  12. New ARB bumpers!

    I am currently running stock and plan to go to 35s, I also plan a mopar lift because of warranty. From what I have gathered if planning to run 37s and rock crawl a lift certainly may be needed to avoid rubbing. I have considered trying 35s and no lift but not sure how much rub I will have...
  13. New ARB bumpers!

    When I was researching the bumpers I remember a response or review I read states slight modification and cutting of the frame was required. Can not remember the details but I would suggest at least iquiring if going that route. Here are a couple of pics of my bondi bumper
  14. New ARB bumpers!

    I have not measured the approach angle. My son has all my recent pics on his phone but if i remember I will try to take some pics, forgive the mud as it hasnt been washed in a bit. I will say I was torn between the same two winches and am very pleased with my Bondi. Pretty straight forward...
  15. Here's the NEW 2020 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Recon Edition

    I am not saying the Recon isnt a cool package, if your interested in its features and is saves money great. My origional comment was that I am dissapointed that it is not really an upgrade in features like the JK recon was and was more of a cosmetic upgrade. That being said everyone that wants...
  16. Anyone use Beamtech H13, 10k lumen hi/lo 9008 bulb in Halogen housing

    A little update on the two JLUR that I am running the beamtechs on, i still love them, no problems throught the winter, we tend to get drier snow here but no problems icing up and not being able to see, not saying they wont ice up but was never a problem for me. some one asked about the light...
  17. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    i got the full size with Smitty X2o 12k, went together well and love the look, lots of compliments, havent bounced a deer off it yet but have no doubts, pretty easy install at home with a little help from a friend
  18. Jeep driver survives after plunging off top of six-story parking garage!

    Few observations, cheap windshield glass looks like it cracked, two damn ESS may be culprit, was it 2.0 or 3.6, we need to know?, maybe to much skinny pedal and some where I bet he asked a buddy to hold his beer and said watch this HEHE
  19. Deer Protection

    I just put my ARB Bondi on for this very reason, put it on at my dads and with in two miles almost tried it out It is well made, solid and I think will take a hell of a strike without much damage
  20. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    Put on my ARB bondi front bumper and winch