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  1. Roam sidestep Rust

    I seem to remember there being a one year warranty when I purchased these from ROAM last spring/summer. I believe it covered everything except the lights. Does anyone else know if that’s the case? Mine are also started rusting on all the welds after about 4 months.
  2. Park sensors with 37’ rear tire

    Wanted to give an update on my experience. With 4.25 backspacing and 37x13.5 Open Country R/T’s I was having this issue 100% of the time, but more recently it became sporadic. Even to the point where there would be a day when it wouldn’t go off at all. This week it came and went, but after...
  3. The Aftermarket Bumper List (JL / JLU Wrangler)

    That sucks, I have a Rubicon and loved the look of that one. Didn’t pull the trigger in time.
  4. Show me your 18" wheel/tire combos

    18x9.5 Vision Rapotors and Toyo Open Country R/T 37/13.5R18
  5. JLU (4DR) Rubicon Rock Rails $100 Boston, MA

    Bump, make me an offer, local pickup preferably.
  6. Park sensors with 37’ rear tire

    Please let me know how this goes, I have a similar set up and also got it done by my dealer so I’d love to head back and get it fixed.
  7. JLU (4DR) Rubicon Rock Rails $100 Boston, MA

    I’d rather not, but if you’ll pay for shipping I can look into it.
  8. JLU (4DR) Rubicon Rock Rails $100 Boston, MA

    I have a pair of Rubicon Rock rails that I just removed from my Jeep with 3K miles. All hardware included. PM me with any questions.
  9. Park sensors with 37’ rear tire

    Not sure if this would work, but could there be a software solution to this problem? The park assist works using sonar to “see” obstructions, but could one of the programmers add an option to shrink the Park assist’s upward field of vision? I’m experiencing the same issue and will try rotating...
  10. Freedom Panel Storage Bag Storage

    I’m thinking about scoring the inside of the bag so I can fold it in half. I’ve been too depressed about the lack of soft tops to do too much freedom-panel-less driving.
  11. Freedom Panel Storage Bag Storage

    Wanted to see where people are keeping their freedom panel storage bag. In my JKU I would fold it and put it either under the rear seat or under the rear cargo area. The new one has hard components and it won’t fit in either place. Anyone have a creative solution?
  12. Plasti-dipped my Jeep emblems

    Pretty well, it’s also really easy to touch up if it gets scratched. I’d recommend more coats on the wheels than anywhere else. I did like 8-10 and touched it up a few times. Taking the wheels off the Jeep definitely helps get an even coat.
  13. Plasti-dipped my Jeep emblems

    On my JK I did my emblem, trail rated badge , bolts on gas tank door and wheels. I echo the above around watching YouTube videos from dipyourcar. Lots of really light coats, especially the first couple, you really don’t want to completely cover on the early coats. To remove the dip from the...
  14. The Aftermarket Bumper List (JL / JLU Wrangler)

    Can you please add these to the list in the initial post: Rockslide Engineering (link to one, but there look to be multiple configurations)...
  15. Apple Carplay and Android Auto at the same time

    No, I couldn’t get either working that way, only via Bluetooth, so one phone via usb and one via Bluetooth.
  16. Apple Carplay and Android Auto at the same time

    So I spent some time this weekend playing around with the two phones again. You can’t hardwire one phone with either Android Auto or Apple CarPlay and have the other phone connected via Bluetooth as a phone for calls (or texts). The only thing you can do is connect one via the USB for...
  17. Rubicon Take Offs (Boston, MA)

    The suspension has been sold. I still have 5 rubicon wheels and tires that I’m looking to unload.
  18. Set of 5 Stock Rubicon Wheels, Tires, TPMS (MA/New England)

    I’m located in Boston, but the wheels are in Acton at the dealership right now. I could potentially meet you depending on where you are.
  19. Uconnect and iOS App

    Jealous! Mine still just fails every time I try it.