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  1. Daily Dose of Random Funny

    So on the mark. Someone should the postal service know the election is over, they can stop screwing up mail service... :LOL:
  2. Tailgate Bumpstops?

    When I previously ran the R/C relocation bracket I was running proper tailgate bump stops. The rattling I was dealing with was more related to the amount of weight hanging off what was essentially the factory set up, just with a relocation bracket pushing it up 2.5" and out 1-2". When your...
  3. Tailgate Bumpstops?

    What ever you get, you want it adjustable so that you can get your spare nice and tight to the rear gate. If the solution you're considering does not offer that, then you need to consider something else. Myself, I'm running the Mopar tailgate reinforcement bracket along with the Teraflex...
  4. XM Radio subscription discount?

    Yeah, the value of the service falls with the user. I’ve had SXM now pretty consistently for about 10 years, partly because it’s nice when we travel not to have to find a new radio station every time you get outside of the limits of broadcast tower, partly because it’s nice to be out in the...