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  1. Hidden Falls Adventure Park

    Yes. This is actually a sweetheart run so if you have a significant other keep that in mind. No details yet, too early.
  2. Hidden Falls Adventure Park

    My jeep club will be there the Saturday before valentine's day(13th).
  3. Jeep Ducking (Duck Duck Jeep)

    Tell us where you are located and maybe several jeepers could meet yall somewhere for your kids to duck randomly.
  4. JL (2DR) Storage System for 2-door Owners!

    This is so fabulous and needed. I will start looking for a 2nd job to secure funding.
  5. Anyone want to hit up some Texas terrain?

    I will be in gilmer at barnwell mountain on Saturday with my jeep club. We meet at the pavilion rdy to roll by 9am.
  6. Daily Dose of Random Funny

    Wife sent me this from a Walmart gas station.
  7. Texas Top Lift Pro

    Location? Texas is a little large to wing it, :)
  8. Adjustable (crescent) wrenches- which ones don’t suck?

    Why not go with the brand that has the same name, Crescent. They even have locking ones now...
  9. Rugged Ridge Dash Multi Mount Phone Holder

    Will these be for sale anytime soon? (wishful thinking)
  10. Bronze Wheels on JL?
  11. Off-road Wheel Chocks?

    Holy cow, what is wrong with me. I'm so tired and lost, duh. Won't work on single wheel situation.
  12. Off-road Wheel Chocks?

    Metal scissor ones. You will never use another type after trying them. Worth every penny.
  13. Off-road Wheel Chocks?

    Look into an x block style wheel chock. BAL is a popular mfg. Used heavily in the RV industry.
  14. Maryland Kicker Subwoofer Tube, Amp & Wiring $375

    Any specs on the equipment for sale?
  15. Ohio 17 x 7.5 Mopar Wheels Powder Coated Bronze

    Understood. Wish you and yours well...
  16. Ohio 17 x 7.5 Mopar Wheels Powder Coated Bronze

    Red-5, the forum won't let me start a conversation with you. Did you and buzz998 work something out? Are the wheels still available?
  17. Ohio 17 x 7.5 Mopar Wheels Powder Coated Bronze

    Make this happen so I don't have to drive up from Texas next week, :).
  18. New York Mickey Thompson Baja Boss 37x12.50x17 (5)

    I'm tempted to drive up and I'm in tx. These are some awesome tires and a great deal.