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  1. Radio randomly turns on after exiting and locking car. Any fixes?

    Hey guys. So i have this issue where I shut off the car, exit and lock the vehicle, and after maybe 5-10 seconds the radio will start blaring in the vehicle no key in. Keys in my pocket far away ignition is totally off the screen will turn on but only to a black backlit background and the only...
  2. Cube mount locations in rear

    Hey guys, I have a set of cubes just lying around and it got me to thinking, how could i mount these in the rear of the JL. Anyone mount cubes in the rear of their jeep and care to share for everyone? Thanks, Adam
  3. Anyone know if the ledfactorymart lights are legit or ?

    Hey guys, Came across an ad for these led 9 inch headlights and tinted led tail lights on ledfactorymart last night. Anyone know if their legit? 1 suspiciously high praising review and thats it on their site. Link below Im pretty suspicious given the price. Thanks guys...
  4. JLU (4DR) [SOLD]FS: 4-Door Soft Top (standard) - brand new in box - Rhode Island

    Still available? I live in central ct, i would commute to pick it up
  5. JL Trektop

    Alright if were going with probable no nx glide, does anyone on this thread know of or have seen both models that can weigh in on the 2 material options? Im leaning towards the cheaper one since ill probably only run it may-sept but hey someone change my mind!
  6. JL Trektop

    @BestopTeam Im in the same boat. Any word on the nx glide? Id love to know prior to buying anything else!
  7. Anyone install the Alpine PSS-23WRA factory upgrade kit?

    thanks for the reply! how are you liking the bass? obviously its a small enclosure but do you feel like it gives a big increase in bass response or are you underwhelmed? thanks!
  8. Best halogen housing led bulb replacement

    Hey guys, Looking for suggestions for the best led replacement bulbs for the halogen housing. Im looking for more light output but i dont feel like changing the housing yet because id like to wait for a dedicated 9inch light instead of retrofit 7 in lights. Thanks
  9. Anyone install the Alpine PSS-23WRA factory upgrade kit?

    Thanks for the link. Guess theyre finally bringing the price down to a more reasonable level!
  10. What side steps / rock rails to add to JL Wrangler?

    Just installed the Westin HDX nerf bars on my JLU. Love the look of them. Probably not the best for hardcore off-roading as the steps come down, but great for the daily driver!
  11. Anyone install the Alpine PSS-23WRA factory upgrade kit?

    Hey guys. I have a sport S JLU with the non-alpine radio and obviously it lacks in the low end in terms of audio. Obviously i could just install a sub but i saw the Alpine PSS-23WRA as a plug-and-play kit but cant find a single review on it. Anyone install this? If so..thoughts on it?
  12. Jeep Wrangler JL Sequential LED DRL & Turn Signals - Morimoto XB LED

    Has anyone attempted an install on a sport s?