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  1. Help with 2018 rubicon

    Rancho 2” suspension lift and 35’s!
  2. The future of the Wrangler Jeep

    The Bronco Sport maybe. But the Bronco that is on its way is far from an Escape.
  3. Scumbag Alert!!!

    Always stay clear of triple 6's
  4. $1000-2000 to invest...what to do first?

    Extended Warranty.
  5. Transmission Gripe, When Using a Car Wash.

    Make sure to shift form Neutral to drive when the car wash is actually moving your Jeep. My speedometer reads 0MPH and 1MPH. When it reads 1 MPH, I can shift from neutral to drive. When 0 MPH, I have to press the brake first.
  6. Top 10 things Jeep should have done

    As a consumer, lower prices are always welcome. I understand they sell them at their high prices like hot cakes and makes zero sense for them to lower the price.
  7. Traction Control - On vs Off when off-roading
  8. Top 10 things Jeep should have done

    I own a 2020 JLUR, and would have appreciated a lower price tag. They are a depreciating object and like most things in the world, over priced in my opinion. Over priced by how much, that is an individual's opinion.
  9. How to rotate tires?

    Exactly what I do. I have Discount tire handle the rotations and balancing. I hand them a printout of this. And I have them rotated and balanced every 5,000 miles or so.
  10. Parked Next to a new Bronco Sport

    The Bronco Sport is not the same Bronco that will be arriving later this year or next. I am going to think you already new that, but in the event you did not, now you do. I agree, the sports are smallish and not a bad looking vehicle and serves a purpose.
  11. Traction Control - On vs Off when off-roading

    Nice video. Only suggestion I have is please turn your phone horizontal so it is a wide screen video.
  12. Top 10 things Jeep should have done

    1. Stop water from running into the Jeep when the doors are open when its wet outside 2. A front window defroster that actually exits the whole vent opening at equal speed and heat. Instead it blasts out from the center section and trickles from the ends where is really matters. 3. 35's with...
  13. What's everyone running for road PSI's?

    BFG KO2's running 34 PSI.
  14. My new Willys

    Nice "WILLYS".
  15. Pics of oem Mopar Steel bumper with winch setup? With the Warn VR Evo 10S Winch
  16. What Control Arms should I buy?
  17. JLU (non-Rubicon) 4H Juddering while turning at slow Speed

    Do not use 4 wheel drive on dry pavement. I would guess what you experienced is to be expected on dry pavement. Most of the issues I have read were getting into 4 low. 4 High is a breeze. Typically 4 low becomes a breeze as well after using it for while.
  18. Thinking of getting a JL Wrangler. Few questions.

    I for one 100% agree with your take on the automatic over the standard transmission. It is far easier navigating off road obstacles with the automatic. Excellent point.
  19. Almost 8K miles I have not ever had a better experience than the JL

    Just under 12,000 miles and the front crank shaft seal was leaking. Dealer repaired it in a days time and so far so good. Love my JLUR.