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  1. Throttle enhancers

    i had Hike It for about a week and i am quit happy with it. Gor rid of the hesitation my diesel rubicon had. It does what I bought it to do. Not sure what other throttle enhancers do but I got my $180 worth of improvements.
  2. Diesel Lift Kit?

    It depends on what you do with your Jeep. I have gasser 2" Mopar lift on mine and running 37" Cooper tires I rub both front and rear inner fenders under extreme articulation that I do on regular basis. I am installing correct diesel 2" Mopar lift hoping to give me that little bit more clearance...
  3. Diesel Lift Kit?

    I am heading in opposite direction. I have 2" gas Mopar lift installed since October and now I am removing it and replacing it with diesel version. My used gas lift kit will be up for sale.
  4. 2020 JLUR Diesel Curb Weight

    Oops. Omitted list steel bumper.
  5. 2020 JLUR Diesel Curb Weight

    Just for reference. Actual weight of my Rubicon Diesel with 2” Mopar lift, KMC KM235 Bead lock wheels, 37” Coopers, LOD rock slides, warn S10 Winch is 5,540.00 lb. I took it to the scale to know for sure.
  6. Torque

    In the matter of fact my rear wheels spin occasionally when I turn right or left on intersection. And that is on dry pavement. My grandson loves it and begs me to do it every time he rides with me. It is really no big deal to do with some other cars but with the Jeep?
  7. Gearing and transfer case on diesel with larger tires

    I got 37 Cooper STT pro on KMC 235 beadlocks on my diesel Rubicon and will not even consider changing my gearing. That diesel have so much power I have to watch not to hit gas pedal too hard on wet road since my rear wheels will spin. Transmission is in 8th gear most of the time on the hwy...
  8. South Carolina JL Rubicon Diesel suspension parts and rock rails.

    2020 Rubicon Diesel Suspension with less then 500 miles on it. PM for details. $250 for the lot. Will include tie rod , track bar and drag link if interested. Also available Rubicon rock slides for $100. Upstate South Carolina. Full set of 5 OEM wheels and tires with 70 miles on them. Driven...
  9. Is there a ‘Best’ adjustable track bar?

    They do. Just started selling rear one.
  10. Metal cloak 3.5 and death wobble

    I would bet it is something related to your steering stabilizer mount. How do I know? I installed Yeti tie rod with steering stabilizer relocation bracket and clamp over this weekend. I forgot to tighten bolt holding stabilizer end attached to the clamp on tie rod. I did test drive right after...
  11. Modifying the 3.0 Engine and Exhaust to delete emissions

    I guess that I just could not resist. And "covering trail? Just one more life lesson to learn. No regrets, no apologies. Time does not go backwards so what was said and done can't be undone. Only show your weakness. Back to real subject of the post. I talked to Dirty Diesel guys in Canada and as...
  12. Modifying the 3.0 Engine and Exhaust to delete emissions

    You must have not paid much attention during your life, otherwise you would have wised up to all those scams we went through. I can go back and remember all of them. Global cooling, acid rain, ozone hole, global warming. Global starvation due to high population. Each one of those demanded from...
  13. Small body lift to run 37" tires with Mopar 2" lift?

    You don’t need anything on top of 2” Mopar lift especially for gasser jeep. I have it on my Rubicon diesel and experience slight rubbing on extreme articulation. Diesel version was nor available for a long time so I installed 3.6L version. I am deciding between upgrading to diesel version of 2”...
  14. Diesel Lift Kit?

    I read few posts stating that this lift is causing leaning to passenger side. Not sure if it is result of installation error or lift itself. Is your jeep level?
  15. Diesel Lift Kit?

    I measured 45" both front and rear. That is 1" of difference. Not huge but it think worth the money. I will go ahead and buy Diesel kit and swap springs and shocks. I will sell 3.6 one if someone will be interested.
  16. Diesel Lift Kit?

    Thank you. I appreciate your effort. I will measure my jeep to see what I got from 3.6l lift.
  17. Diesel Lift Kit?

    He is on 35 size tires. I am on 37 Coopers. I would like to see how much more clearance I get if I remove my 3.6l Mopar lift and install Mopar 3.0l diesel kit. If it is worth $1,500. If it is at least 1.5" I will spend the money and do it.
  18. Diesel Lift Kit?

    Can you measure your height at front and rear fenders and show pictures of it? I installed mopar lift for 3.6l engine and had some rubbing at extreme articulation. I will buy diesel lift kit if it provide more clearance. I need maybe 2 more inches.