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  1. Video: Manual Driven Hard

    Hope that's a demo vehicle...
  2. SoCal/AZ/NV JL Buyers!

    Don't order from Fisher Jeep in Yuma. $1,500 over invoice best deal take it or leave it.
  3. Uconnect Projection Manager App

    just like having seat heater controls in the radio when there are physical buttons on the dash
  4. Can’t u one thing handle more than 1 inpu

    The usb inputs are labeled for priority. If you’ve ever seen an interior walk around video you will notice at the USB port there are 3 in the Jeep that are numbered. 1, 2 , 3. These numbers denote priority. The usb in the dash is 1, the center console is 2, and the rear seat has the 3rd. If...
  5. I’m at the dealership as we speak! Is this a good deal!? I’m nervous

    It would be hilarious if your salesman saw this thread when he went back to talk to the manager and posted “it’s our best offer!”
  6. Vector OffRoad Project

    I sold Jeeps for a short time, and every time I see a post like this it makes me wonder if salesmen do walk around deliveries anymore. I used to go over every detail at delivery. Radio functions, set the clock and their station presets for them, show them every serviceable fluid under the...
  7. Off Road Trailers

    Yeah, after I pick up my Rubicon, I'm building an off road trailer to drag across the Continental Divide route, then the Trans American Trail.
  8. 35" and 37" JL pics with lift kit

    I highly doubt it will automatically recalibrate for anything. It will require a dealer to flash the computer. This is one of the worst JL rumors that has gained traction.
  9. Portland IAS, Red Rubicon with black dash, not red.

    The tan leather doesn’t have a red dash, just the black leather interior does. There are several dealers with tan interiors already and they are a grayish-silver dash.
  10. Fabtech shows how much the Rubicon JL can flex (axle articulation)!

    Looks good enough for anything you’d ever drive over on 33’s!
  11. JL Wrangler interior photos!

    You would mount a stick on mic clip or a screw on mount
  12. JLUR Certified CTI

    Do it with 35's and let us know how much rub you get.
  13. Portland IAS, Red Rubicon with black dash, not red.

    I wish I could order this dash color with black seats. I don't want tan interior.
  14. How much wider are the Rubicon axles?

    Those original 1st gen MT/Rs were the best off road tire ever made for the deserts out west. I had them in 37x12.5-17's on Walker Evans beadlocks on my 06 LJ. Would run single digit pressure over the sharpest rocks never had a flat. And smooth on the highway at any speed. I miss those tires.
  15. Photos of Off-Road Pages on Uconnect 8.4 Display?

    Judging by the 360 degree interior photo in the build configurator it looks like there are two more mics in the rear left and right for 4 total.
  16. Photos of Off-Road Pages on Uconnect 8.4 Display?

    This is going to go over a lot of people's head. My kind of humor.
  17. Do black fenders color fade with time?

    They will fade. Sun kills everything eventually.