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  1. How many Jeeps have you owned?

    2018 JL Sport S and just bought 2007 Rubicon.
  2. 1992 Wrangler YJ in Norfolk, VA $9,200

    Still available? Wish you were closer to Michigan.
  3. Trusted JEEP repair near Jackson, Michigan

    Okay, so I know this will be a long-shot and may not get many replies: But where is a good place to get automative stuff on Jeep Wranglers done near Jackson, Michigan. Interested in places that can do lifts, bumpers, exhaust, repairs, etc. Jeep dealers garages tend to be expensive and I do not...
  4. What song / music do you have to turn up in your JL? EDIT ***New JLWF playlist on Spotify***

    Crazy Train-Ozzy Osbourne Rainbow in the Dark-Dio Mother-Danzig Start Me Up-Rolling Stones Seek and Destroy-Metallica Barracuda-Heart Fortunate Son-Creedence Clearwater Revival Hair of the Dog-Nazareth Nervous Shakedown-AC/DC Thunder Kiss '65-White Zombie Heading out to the Highway-Judas Priest...
  5. 2019 Jeep Wrangler JL Info - What's New (So Far)?

    More than likely will have huge headlights with high beams on all the time, and always topless.
  6. BRIGHT WHITE Wrangler JL Club

    UrbanRogue: Beautiful Jeep. At least with the white bird poop is not so obvious! Seriously though, heard about clay barring. Why do it and how often?
  7. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Ok, thinking of saving about half the price and getting the Magnaflow axle back exhaust. What are Jeeper's honest opinion of the sound of an axle back vs cat-back Magnaflow? Is a Cat back worth the extra money? Is there really much difference in sound, performance??
  8. $500, what would you buy for your Jeep?

    Axle back exhaust, Magnaflow is about $600
  9. Parking Cover Mopar part #82215370

    That pic looks like for a 2 door, do they have it in a 4 door? What is out there for 4 door that is waterproof and worth the money? That pic looks like it does not fit in the trunk or in a bag. I am wondering about a full Jeep cover that is waterproof, but if you read the reviews, waterproof...
  10. Parking Cover Mopar part #82215370

    Did anyone say the price yet, finally getting warmer in Michigan and I need something as well and plan to have doors and top off most the summer, but would rather not get interior wet with a downpour if I can help it.