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  1. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    Thanks for posting this. I have been looking for a good picture showing this. Great looking Jeep. How do you like the lift so far?
  2. Pictures of camping with your Jeep

    Davidson River Campground in North Carolina
  3. The Roof Rack List (JL / JLU Wrangler)

    Thanks Hayden! I'm going to have RubiTrux put one on when I am in Boone next month.
  4. The Roof Rack List (JL / JLU Wrangler)

    Thanks for the info! I'm going to give it a shot.
  5. The Roof Rack List (JL / JLU Wrangler)

    Looks great on the 2 door. Do you know how much height it added on the stock Rubicon? It needs to fit in my garage. Any wind noise? I’m about to buy this for my 4 door.
  6. Picking up TODAY!

    AwesomE Jeep! This is too much fun to get a new Jeep!
  7. People's opinion on the Sunrider Bestop?

    I LOVE my Sunrider for JL! So far no leaks, no additional noise and it is not colder in winter. EZ to operate. BesTop sent a top to me that was manufactured incorrectly. I sent them pictures and they sent another top and told me to keep the old one. Great customer service!
  8. Rear window defroster unsoldered?

    Mine was dangling when I went out to get in the Jeep this morning. I had remote started it and all heating devices were on, heat ,steering wheel, defrosters etc. I didn’t notice it until I saw the wire dangling in my rear view mirror.
  9. Rear window defroster unsoldered?

    Mine just popped off today. Hopefully I will have better luck but probably not.
  10. AEV JL Wrangler Products & Builds [SEMA 2018 - JLWF Coverage]

    Same here. I was disappointed with this design at first. I am old and don't like change:). The front end is growing on me. This will be a spring purchase!
  11. Intro to Overlanding?

    Same with me. Heading to Overland Expo East next week to start getting some knowledge. A tiny bit of national forest camping in the south east this year has given me the bug!
  12. 999999 Odometer

    Just had my software updated Thursday for the fix. I was originally told that the cluster would have to be replaced. So far so good.
  13. Midwest Ohio Dealership (Dave Dennis Jeep) Offering 5% Under Invoice on JL

    Congrats on your order! I’m heading up to Dave Dennis tomorrow for oil change and tire rotation. There service has been great too.
  14. Midwest Ohio Dealership (Dave Dennis Jeep) Offering 5% Under Invoice on JL

    Aaron is great! Dave Dennis Jeep was the best vehicle buying experience I have ever had.
  15. 999999 Odometer

    I have just started having this problem too. I am trying to decide if I want to have it fixed or not. Apparently the long wait is not unusual with this problem. Maybe I will wait to the end of the warranty for the fix so my new Jeep isn’t in the back lot for weeks.
  16. What side steps / rock rails to add to JL Wrangler?

    Those look great on your Jeep. Where did you buy them? BTW great looking Rubicon!
  17. Jl aftermarket

    Yes it comes with rock rails. Congratulations! Fun is just starting!
  18. Boone & Blowing Rock, NC trails??

    Good timing! I am heading that way next month and looking for the same info.
  19. What side steps / rock rails to add to JL Wrangler?

    When I picked up my Rubi my dealer was just getting back from a show in Indianapolis. He said these were pretty nice in person. I had not seen these before.

    Great looking without top and doors! You may have pushed me over the edge on the top lift.