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  1. Arizona dealers!

    Anyone recommend a particular dealership for service? I bought my Jeep in Idaho and it’s time for its first oil change. I’m located near old town Scottsdale. I’m really close to the dealership at Indian School and 101, but they were by far the salesiest of the several dealerships I visited...
  2. How to rotate tires?

    So I meant to do a 5 tire rotation every 5k miles, but I lost track of mileage then had a long trip before I could rotate. So I’m at 8k miles on 4 with a fresh spare on the back. What would you guys recommend to catch the spare up over the next couple of rotations?
  3. Anyone running 35s or 315/70R17s stock?

    35x12.5 (Trail Graplers) and no rubbing, although I have plastic bumpers, no winch, etc. From similar threads it sounds like no one has had any issues on the diesel rubis running 35’s on stock suspension/wheels.
  4. $6,000 premium for the Diesel

    I believe that’s in an effort to sell more 2.0 motors for CAFE reasons. 2.0 is still the same price as 3.6, but now the auto trans is only $1,500 more than manual instead of $2,000. So anyone that buys a manual strictly to save outlay cost vs auto has slightly less incentive to do so. And once...
  5. High stock suspension?

    I have Nitto Trail Grapplers which are supposed to run true to size, although I haven’t measured them.
  6. Post pics of your Rubicon on 35s no lift

    Thank you! I know I read at some point whether they did or not, but I can’t remember which it was. There is also a true beadlock version of the wheel. I’ve done some wheeling at 12psi on these and haven’t been worried, but I wouldn’t go single digit psi.
  7. High stock suspension?

    My JLURD has 35x12.5 with no rubbing at full flex or lock. My understanding is that, and it may be offset specific, almost all gasser JLUR’s will rub a bit with 35x12.5 tires, which means it must sit a bit higher. I’ve read 1-1.5” as others above have stated.

    I’d love to see that sort of stuff on here, but I don’t think anything has been released yet as far as engine/exhaust mods. A couple have done axles and other components, lots of lifts and normal stuff like that.
  9. TrailRecon spotted last Saturday outside of Silverton, CO

    I thought the idea you mentioned in one of your recent videos about taking your Corvette for an adventure was a great idea. I have a Lotus Evora and whether I’m in one of my Jeeps or my Lotus I just love getting out in nature in some capacity and love anything with motors, anything that gets me...
  10. Your 3.0L Diesel's MPG's, share with the class.

    I’m getting 20.8mpg mixed with a heavy 35” wheel/tire combo and a heavier right foot. Perfectly happy with that! I get 25-27 at 80mph which is great for road trips.
  11. TrailRecon spotted last Saturday outside of Silverton, CO

    The problem is the YouTube format prioritizing quantity over quality. They want 3+ videos/week at 10+ minutes (or at least they did at one point, not sure if this is still what they want). It would be great if creators could just create the content they want, not what YouTube wants. Now...
  12. Post pics of your Rubicon on 35s no lift

    35x12.5 Nitto Trail Grapplers on 17” Fuel Zephyr. Diesel rubi, everything else stock.
  13. Are Yeti coolers worth the $$?

    What size do you have? I’m trying to find the right balance between size/weight and carrying capacity.
  14. Are Yeti coolers worth the $$?

    I’ve done extensive research recently and most has been covered here. Yeti is designed in US, but made in Asia... hey Apple. Orca, Pelican, Grizzly, and others are all made 100% in America, are cheaper (slightly), and at least as good. One thing I haven’t seen mentioned is that Orca (and I...
  15. AFe CAI for diesel JL

    Any updates on this or any other intakes? I’m 2.5 weeks into ownership and that’s about as long as I can stand being stock. I’m craving for more turbo noise.
  16. Bronco vs Jeep Wrangler mega thread

    Mid cycle refresh? Maybe 2023 MY. Unless they come out with the Hemi sooner.
  17. Sky One Touch Top versus Hard/Soft Top Option?

    If you consider that the SOT gets you the look of a color match hard top, it’s really only a $2000 premium. If you’re considering soft top as the alternative, then yes, it’s an additional $4000. I already have a bikini top only TJ, so when I was looking at JL as a daily (for my wife) and long...
  18. Voswitch JL300 Lower Dash Switch Panel

    No experience with this, but I used another voswitch setup that I customized for my TJ with rocker switches, as almost no one makes a TJ specific kit. It’s worked really well for the last 2 years that I’ve had it on the rig. This looks like a nice, clean setup. I’m sure it will work well.
  19. New JLURD! Boise -> Sun Valley -> Moab -> Telluride -> Phoenix (home)

    A week late to post, but I just picked up my new diesel rubi from Kent at Peterson in Nampa. I recommend him highly if you’re on this side of the US and want an excuse to make a rod trip out of it. We live in Phoenix and couldn’t find a good deal here, so we decided to turn the experience into a...
  20. Power Steering Issues?!

    Welp, when I ran Hells Revenge the other day at 105 degrees after wheeling all morning, I chalked it up to lots of heat. However, this morning I ran Imogene Pass and it was 70 when I started. 20 minutes in, my steering light came on again saying it was too hot. Made a long pit stop Tomboy mine...