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  1. Jeep wrangler JL snorkel MOPAR

    What about a rear snorkel for a 2018 JL. Tailpipe gets in the water when backing in the boat trailer.
  2. rear exhaust under water question

    My favorite lake water level has gotten so high that when backing in the boat to float the tail pipe is under water. Is this a concern? Can I make a rear exhaust snorkel from a 3 in diameter stainless steel drier pipe? To be used only when putting in and taking out the boat. Its under...
  3. Questions for Fellow Jeep Owners

    My first Wrangler was a 2015 JKS. The beast leaked like a crazy, front back soggy insulation. Now the fenders on that one was major up keep all the time, would fade. Found a product from the "Chemical Guys" that kept them looking like new, but a lot of work. Now I have a 2018 JLSs Granite...
  4. I finally joined the “My Jeep Suddenly Died” club [main battery was the culprit]

    Forgive my ignorance. Can you tell me what the Yellow top battery brand is? AGM?
  5. Gas mileage so far

    2018 JLUR Sport S, Just took a trip to the northwoods had 23 mph on the road. Pulling a boat on its trailer all week I got 20/21. We don't buy a jeep for the gas mileage.
  6. Is waxing a Wrangler a pain in the ass?

    Never waxed it, only use ceramic coatings... out lasts and performs wax any day. "Torque"

    Happy to say my 2018 JL has had no leaking, yes the door drip edge, get over it. My 2016 JK leaked like a crazy, front driver and passenger side... a swimming pool. The rear compartment for the jack flooded as well. Love my JL.

    Someone had the question as to how warm the oil got. I'm in the north-woods of Wisconsin, and last night I plugged it in, checked this morning.... Last night it got down to 3*, turned on the Wrangler this morning and checked the oil temperature, it read 85*. After driving and the jeep got...

    Actually it's jeeps new electric vehicle. You just need one hell of a long extension cord to make it operational. Seriously, it is a benifit IF you live in an area that experiences extreme cold temperatures, your call. Works for me.
  10. UConnect Deleting Phonebook Favorites

    From what I've read on this post, it seems the common factor may be the Android phone... I too have had this problem, and reported it to the service dept. and had an update, but still happens, last time in they say it's my phone. I have a Samsung S8... So out there is this also happening to...
  11. Strangly missing features

    I pealed mine off all the doors and rear as well. Just don't think having something constrict the flow of water out of that space is a good idea...
  12. CURT Trailer Hitch Issue

    I placed a Curt trailer hitch on the front of my 2015 JK. Worked like a charm when I had to tuck the boat and snowmobile trailers away in the garage. Considering doing it again on my 2018 JLU Sport S.
  13. Anyone towed anything with their JL yet?

    I would also add be sure it is a factory installation, so you as lso get the extra radiator. I too pull a boat od that size along with an 8 x 10 ft. Aluminum trailer which towes my 2 up snowmobile around 450 lbs, with ice shanty and ice finishing equipment. I also put a hitch on the front end...
  14. UConnect 5" isn't maintaining accurate time & restarts

    I may have the same issue, but I have had 2 up dates for this 5.0 Uconnect. The first time in it was to correct a feed back issue, it did, then I had an issue with the phone connection keeping the favorite contacts menu, they would go blank. I would have to re enter the contacts, and in a while...
  15. Giveaway: Hothead Headliners Hard Top Headliner For Jeep JL!

    So this ends February 25, 2018... so last year or a typo? Look at posting #335 above page 23
  16. UConnect Deleting Phonebook Favorites

    Sounds like a repeat, I too have lost multiple times my favorites from my Uconnect. Also have the Samsung S8. I just brought my JLUSs in for its 10,000 check and mentioned this to them. The did the up date, It lasted for about 2 weeks and then boom, each field was empty once again. I might...
  17. 999999 Odometer

    Yep, i was the first... surch my #1 page this thread 999999. They replaced the cluster unit, all is good now.

    FishinEd.. got it... used mine now with this -30° temperatures, checked the oil temp it keeps the oil at 68° warms up quickly. Thanks for the tip. I was thinking that the jeep trail emblem on the side would be a good port cover. Asking too much. D
  19. Cold Weather Group Explained

    I have a JLUSs it came with the cold weather package, seats,start, steering wheel and block heater. I got mine early March. I read somewhere a battery warmer was also available?