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  1. Deep Snow/Mud/Highway Tires

    My gen x3's haven't failed me yet!
  2. Winter is coming! ** New style hood latches jamming up with snow and ice **

    Hmm, I've not noticed this complaint with my latches through the 1.5 winters since purchase. Are you speaking of the same latch I have shown in my picture below:
  3. How do different colors hold up to the abuse of branches running along side of the Jeep?

    White here. Held up really well during my Rubicon trips. Some lighter scratches easily are resolved by wax. The hinge chips are so easy to fix with a Mopar paint pen and can’t tell the difference.
  4. 3.6L vs 2.0 turbo?? Pros and cons of both??

    For my 2.0 I feel no performance difference premium vs regular at 6k elevation during the colder months. During the warmer months I feel the premium fuel performs is best.
  5. C-series 10" on LOD Destroyer

    I just noticed in my last picture the light dislocated the solenoid box a bit. My dremel just took care of that! FYI my X20 you can mount the box on the far left side (opposite end of the clutch).
  6. C-series 10" on LOD Destroyer

    Zero clearance. I was considering using a dremel taking off a portion of the offending housing bracket but the light solidly sits as shown.
  7. C-series 10" on LOD Destroyer

    Relocated because I like that look better. @Oceanblue19, did you find a good way to route the cable in that bumper?
  8. BRIGHT WHITE Wrangler JL Club

    California dreaming...(fire)
  9. C-series 10" on LOD Destroyer

    Yeah I'm thinking the same thing to flip it under like yours. The brackets will need to modifications though and so I thought I would see what it looks like this way first before I break out the grinder.
  10. C-series 10" on LOD Destroyer

    C-series 10" on LOD stubby. Hoping it helps well when it snows (yes, I know it's not street legal...shhhh). What do you think, look ok?
  11. delete sorry

    Apologies pls delete thread
  12. Trans Temp

    what year is your jeep?
  13. Trans Temp

    Ok so after further asking @fca I was told by my dealer that 300f is seen by 2019 transmissions under 4lo operation. We need to keep this thread going. Anyone else with 235+ trans temp while wheeling?
  14. Yellowing of white paint from heat

    Tomorrow, morning, take that to you dealer.
  15. What side steps / rock rails to add to JL Wrangler?

    I'm tall enough that I don't need the aid but my passengers use it as a step. My dog uses it as a step to. If that's what you want to use them as, I would suggest adding a non-skid tape so people's feet won't slip off. And they are stout...feel free to park close in any shopping mall and let...
  16. What is the best dealer behavior that you've observed?

    I don't know if this is odd, but when I bought my jeep my dealer let me test drive like 10 different vehicles. Didn't ask for my id or insurance nor did they even ride with me. They gave my the fob, and said see you later. I thought that was a great way to build trust.
  17. A-pillar to windshield gap? And slow driver's side window.

    Mine is the same as OP's. I have taken everything off however if that matters.
  18. Drag Link Loose?

    Yeah I solved it by torquing down all suspension to the chart that came with the lift kit. I can‘t say what the specific culprit was. What I found that after several wheeling adventures things need to be tightened up. There is still some play in the drag link so that must be normal.
  19. Unleaded Gas question for 2.0L engine

    During last winter I could not feel any difference however now that we have higher summer temps, the 91 makes a noticeable difference.