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  1. Tazer Fright

    I’ve had mine for a year with no issues. I’m still on the old firmware because I’ve had no problems. Not broke. Don’t wanna fix it.
  2. 2019 vs 2021 any subtle differences?

    You don't get more power with the e-torque system. Probably a big reason why people don't want it.
  3. 2021 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 V8 - Specs, Wallpapers, Videos!

    Wow. That’s a LOT of standard options. That’s gonna be one pricey SOB. I was thinking 60k originally now I’m thinking 65-70. Ouch. My lowly 3.6 will serve me just fine. also. Half doors! also 2” lift and 33? Wut?
  4. Check out the DEEPSLEEP for Jeeps!

    we installed a shelf to leave our gear on and a couple small items in the front seats. The shelf is only on the cargo area so it only covers your feet and there’s lots of room between.
  5. Steering worse after TSB fix.

    Beat me to it. I just got mine back yesterday with the new box and my steering is exceptionally tight now. I never had a huge dead spot it just always felt a bit loose. No dead spot on the new box. Unfortunately my right pull is still there but we'll see if my new tie rods/drag link help that.
  6. Steering worse after TSB fix.

    NM is newton meters. It's just another way of measuring torque. Sorta like Metric and Inch. Torque wrenches typically have setting for both on them. Just use ft lbs.
  7. Test drove my first ever Wranglers today. Thoughts and help with concerns please

    I just had a 2.0 sport as a loaner. Two things I would definitely get. Upgraded headlights and upgraded stereo. That sport stereo is atrocious sounding and the small screen has pretty crappy resolution. The LED group is probably one I would NEVER pass on. They're fantastic. On par or possibly...
  8. Anza Borrego

    if you go day time there’s so many people out you’d probably only have to wait a minute or so before another vehicle comes up on you. Those trails are fun and super simple.
  9. Jeep snobbery - RANT

    Don’t see why anyone cares. I drive a Rubicon and the person I do trails with drives a 92 YJ. I’ve been jealous of dudes in TJ sports at times since they can bomb down trails while I creep my way around in my chubby expensive Rubicon. Every model has its strengths.
  10. Dynomax Muffler Delete with Magnaflow Muffler Install

    I went with the slightly larger oval muffler in the same position. Soooooo much better now. Zero drone. Only a touch louder than stock. the delete only was awful. Brain numbing drone going up hills
  11. LED Light option; worth it?

    100% worth it. Unless you don't drive at night I suppose.
  12. Auto start/stop rant

    Tazed mine off in December. Haven’t missed it one bit. The starting up when shifting into park drove me nuts.
  13. Factory JLR With 35" Tires?

    If the Rubicon came with 35’s. Everyone would be asking why they don’t offer 37’s. I’m sure they’ll offer a trim with 35’s eventually. Let’s not forget. 35’s are part of an OPTIONAL trim on the bronco. I can’t wait to see this magical bronco. I heard it has a self washing feature and even...
  14. TrailRecon spotted last Saturday outside of Silverton, CO

    Matt’s Offroad is great. Low budget and right to the point. Eventually the pull of YouTube stardom may ruin his channel but right now it’s fun to see what situations people get stuck in.
  15. JL rear lower shock mount skids

    I have the rough country ones. They took quite a bit of abuse the last couple trails I did and have held up great so far.
  16. TrailRecon spotted last Saturday outside of Silverton, CO

    Lol. It’s all sponsored content. I really liked his videos when he was just taking you along for trail rides. Now it’s just an advertisement channel like the rest. Good for him on his success. Not interesting to watch anymore. Luckily there’s 95,000 off road channels on YouTube to choose from.