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  1. Katzkin leather seats

    Honestly not sure which red was used im sorry. I spoke to a rep on the phone and just told him what I was looking to get. And the leather has been great since the install and I have moved around a lot with packages/boxes on the seat. Folded down for extended periods of time, and dogs that don’t...
  2. New York Takeoff White Sahara Fender Flares (Cut/Seperated) $200

    Looking to sell a pair of the front Sahara fender flares in white. The plastic bottom has been taken off for more clearance. I did not actually cut them. I’ve been running the AAL highline fender lights. Those are NOT included. Asking for $200
  3. Battery light on - battery saver on?

    U Update: Dealer just called me and said he has bad news. Batteries failed the test, replaced both batteries and went to test the new ones and they couldn’t hold a charge... further testing and they said the alternator went bad and that caused the batteries to die... so I’ll have new batteries...
  4. Battery light on - battery saver on?

    @Rhinebeck01 just received a text update from the dealership. Both batteries completely failed and they are replacing both of them.... so you were right. Another 2018 JL having the batteries fail. I’m just confused as to what triggered both of them to completely die like that.
  5. Battery light on - battery saver on?

    Waiting for the tow to show up this morning. Will keep you posted
  6. Battery light on - battery saver on?

    Could it be the alternator? Bc as soon as the jumper cables came off the Jeep died immediately the last time. I actually just had to connect my longer cable wires and keep them attached to the Jeep and my other truck as I pulled the Jeep into the driveway that way. I’m not overly concerned bc...
  7. Battery light on - battery saver on?

    Car died on me a few minutes later. Was able to jump it just enough to make it home and it died on me again as I pulled into the driveway. ABS lights coming on, stability warnings, dash turning off... gonna have to get it towed to the dealership in the morning
  8. Battery light on - battery saver on?

    Battery light randomly came on this morning and now shut down the radio and other functions of the car... Says battery saver on some systems have reduced power. has this happened to anyone else?
  9. AAL High-Line Fender Lights

    Take a while to ship out but once they do they really are great. Quick easy install too
  10. New York WTB: Rear White Fender Flares

    New, used whatever. Just want a pair of takeoff rear fender flares in white. shipping or pickup
  11. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Quarantine projects over the past 2 weeks or so: - satin black grill install - Saharah white cut fenders - American Adventure Lab highline fender lights - LED fog lights with amber covering - OEM LED Headlights - Rugged Ridge Spartacus Stubby bumper with over bar - painted Red tow hooks and $8 D...
  12. AAL High-Line Fender Lights

    I installed mine no wiring harness but I have a tazer. Lights and DRLs are good no problem. I did what it said on the tazer thurn off LED then turn on LED setting but still getting the bulb out alert on my dash. Anyone else have this issue?

    OEM LED headlights LED fog lights with amber covering American Adventure Lab highline LED sequential fender lights