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  1. AEV Borah wheels on JL

    Anyone running the JL borah's on a JL and decided to use wheel spacers? Would that cause any issues? I would like a little wider stance then stock, running 37's btw TIA
  2. LOD Rock Sliders and Metalcloak Skids

    I am looking at the same products. How did you install the sliders with the belly pan? Did you lay the belly pan on top of the slider attachment? Or did you notch the belly pan?
  3. Metalcloak rock slider install

    You still liking these sliders?
  4. LOD Signature Series Rock Sliders shipping time?!?

    Looks great, how did you hide the pinch seam? Is that paint or something else? Thanks!
  5. White Knuckle Rock Sliders for the JLUR

    Thanks for the quick response. That's another good idea. I was thinking either paint or vinyl tape.
  6. White Knuckle Rock Sliders for the JLUR

    Looks Great! How do you like the Bushwacker trail armor? Is it holding up? Havent seen that before, looks like a great option to hide the pinch seam. Thanks for the idea!
  7. GMRS antenna mounting

    You still happy with this mount an antenna? How did you run the coax into the cab? TIA
  8. Best Spray wax for New Jeeps?

    I have found the TW Ice to attract dust while off roading, my jeep is always the most dusty. Is the Seal and Shine better at keeping the dust from sticking?
  9. Anyone have to drill sensor holes in aftermarket rear bumper?

    Following, anyone have success with any aftermarket rear bumper where the sensors work as designed?