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  1. Virginia SOLD -ClearLidz Top $850 Richmond

    Please pm me the price for shipped to 94014. Thx
  2. California Quadratec 2 Bike Folding Bike Rack for 2" Receiver Hitch $100

    The rack is in like new condition since I only use twice. Firm on price $100 and local pick up only in Bay Area San Francisco. Thx
  3. California Mopar Led headlights, $370 shipped

    I purchased this used. One of the mounting tab on the passenger side headlight was broken off. I used moldable Polly plastic to remake the missing mounting tab. I had the headlights installed for a year and half. The Tab is holding well and the headlights never gave me any problem. I had taken 3...
  4. California Teraflex Falcon Nexus EF 2.2 Fast Adjust Steering Stabilizer, like new

    I had it installed on my JL for about 200 miles. It is in like new condition, can’t find any scratch marks, never off-road, just city driving. It is for stock tie rod, or you can purchase tie rod clamp from terraxflex if you have aftermarket tie rod. I changed to aftermarket tie rod...
  5. Question about aiming new JW speaker headlights

    I just installed my JW speaker evo J3 headlight. I love them so far. But I do have a question about aiming the light. According JW speaker instruction, you measure from the ground to the center of the headlight, and then transfer the height to the wall, which is 3ft 6in in my case since my...
  6. LoD Destroyer Series Sliding Roof Rack

    I had a rack for about half year. I really like it. I just wish the instruction comes with torque spec.
  7. New yeti drag link, how much grease should I put in the ball joints?

    I contact them. They said I should grease it right away after I install. It won’t over grease since it will just pooped out. I put like 30 pumps before it pooped out ....
  8. New yeti drag link, how much grease should I put in the ball joints?

    I was surprised that Can’t find any grease info from their instructions. Just sent them an email.
  9. New yeti drag link, how much grease should I put in the ball joints?

    Just got yeti drag link installed. Do the ball joints already pre-greased? How much should I put in ? Thanks for helping
  10. Anyone has experience on King steering stabilizer?

    I changed steersmarts drag link yesterday and found out my falcon stabilizer won’t fit on the stock tie rod location due to drag link ball joint has zerk fitting. It won’t clear. I know I can change the mount on falcon to tie rod mount. But I kinda want to try someone new. I had the fox IFP...
  11. Question about drag link and tie rod

    No problem man. I was surprised someone still awake ;)
  12. California DV8 JL tail light guards

    Still have it ;)
  13. Question about drag link and tie rod

    exactly. I hear the stock tie rod is almost the same weight like most aftermarket ones. But aftermarket draglinks are lot more durable than the stock one.