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  1. Spied! V8 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 Hemi Production Version Begins Testing!

    Honestly bro if I had to guess I would say its gonna be a package like the Sasquatch Package on the bronco. I would expect it to be 15k probably. So I mean you have a 34k Jeep and spend 15k on the 392 package you got one badass Offroader for only 49k. At least that's how I hope they do it to...
  2. diesel 3.0 or wait for V8 392

    I heard that theres like 40 driiving around the plant
  3. Rubicon Recon or Rubicon?

    Yeah I want a Sarge Green JLRR bad
  4. Why Not A Rubicon?

    I want a Rubicon Because of the axles and lockers aswell as the sway bar disconnect if IM being completely honest. If i could get that on a base model sport i 100% would.
  5. Rubicon Recon or Rubicon?

    Thanks bro Appreciate it
  6. diesel 3.0 or wait for V8 392

    I think it will come to production. Jeep and FCA put a quote saying pretty much we may soon get what we have wanted. I'm expecting the 5.7 or the 4.7 to make a return.
  7. Rubicon Recon or Rubicon?

    Yeah I get it I just wanted some inputs that's all. Its mainly gonna be used as an off roader and daily driver for driving to Trade school.
  8. Rubicon Recon or Rubicon?

    Hey guys I'm looking into getting a 2 door JL within the next year and was wondering if you guys think that getting the Rubicon Recon is better than getting a Rubicon. Of course will probably end up doing a lift with 37 or 35 inch tires and light bars and stuff like that. Also is the is better...