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  1. Teraflex Alpha HD Tire Carrier Doesn't Work for 2021

    Same here...purchased back in December and they had said a new mount would be available in January. No problems when calling and requesting new mount. Thanks Teraflex for a good customer service experience!
  2. Op-Ed: Is the JL the BEST JEEP WRANGLER EVER?

    I love my '02 TJ! Purchased new and have built it up to be a great off-roader. Although It's on it's 2nd engine it's still a fun vehicle to drive both on and off-road. That being said, on-road is no comparison to the '21 JLU Diesel. Have not taken the JLU off-road yet but will get a chance...
  3. BLACK Wrangler JL Club

    Wheels are Black Rhino Shredders 17x9 -18 offset and 4.2 backspace. Tires are 37 Nitto Ridge Grapplers.
  4. Engine stopped - ESS was turned off.

    This has happened twice. Both times as I was pulling into my garage. It's a tight fit so usually my wife will jump out and guide me in. Both times, I had been on brakes and stopped multiple times but at a certain point, as I'm inching forward the last couple of feet, the engine stopped. ESS...
  5. My 392 Rubicon order is showing a price now ($77k) !!!

    Probably doesn't matter that much but does this include Destination Charge. My loaded (no advanced safety group) JLURD with Destination charge was 63,075. Didn't pay that of course.
  6. Diesel Lift Kit?

    With my very unscientific measurment it appears to be close to 5 inches in height with the lift and tires. To bottom of front fenders about 5.75 gain. Bottom o rear fender 4.5 gain. Bottom of rubi rail about 4.75 gain. Wheels have -18 offset. No rubbing for street riding but have not had...
  7. Diesel Lift Kit?

    Mopar Diesel lift. 37"Ridge Grapplers. So far drives good. Steering wheel about an inch off. Still trying to get tire inflation right. Dealer had at 42. Now at 36 but still feels a bit too much.
  8. Diesel JL Club Thread

    What tune or tuner are you planning on using? No tune or even tazer on mine yet. I'm a bit of a stickler trying to stay in warranty. Even used the mopar calibration. So far, I have not noticed any need for a tune after the lift and 37's other than a bit lower fuel mpg.
  9. Diesel JL Club Thread

    Early Christmas for my Jeep Girl wife Mopar dieael lift. Black Rhino wheels. 37 Nitto Ridge Grapplers. Almost as high as my 2002 TJ so she's happy for now 😄
  10. Teraflex Alpha HD Tire Carrier Doesn't Work for 2021

    Just spoke to terflex. Yes 2021's have a different camera mount. A replacement adapter is being prepared and should be available January 2021 according to Teraflex. In the meantime I have to rig my camera however I can. Notice one screw holding metal securing bar in place. Difficult...
  11. What else do you drive?

    '13 F150 FX4 HD '14 Berkshire Motor Home Thought about keeping the Grand Cherokee when we purchased the '21 JLURD but really didn't need 4 cars. So the two Wranglers and the Truck all share driving duty. The daily driver is whatever we're in the mood for that day. The Motor Home takes the...
  12. Power steps really worth it?

    So how do the power steps handle off road? Do they work as well as true rock slider when scraping across a Boulder? Do they need to be disengaged? Very worried about destoying a $2k step or have it not give he expected protection.
  13. Does Anyone Have Any Questions About Manufacturer Backed Extended Warranties?

    Thanks, I didn't realize the factory warranties were sold through third parties. I looked through the documentation and could not find anything specific to diesel or exhaust system. The PDF was just the brochure and the list of components does not seem to specify diesel components.
  14. Does Anyone Have Any Questions About Manufacturer Backed Extended Warranties?

    I just purchased a 2021 Rubicon Diesel in October. Have been thinking about adding and extended warranty. Would I go directly through Mopar? Also, I've heard there are some components of the Diesel specifically not covered on the extended warranty. Is that correct?
  15. LED headlights going on/off when vehicle is off

    2021 JLURD picked up fist week of October. Just over 1100 miles and recently towed behind motorhome for a a few thousand miles. Heading home we were in torrential rain for 2 days. Everything was working fine. Decided to go through car wash to clean road grime off. Later that evening our...
  16. diesel 3.0 or wait for V8 392

    Well, the announcement is too late for me. Have had the JLURD for about 6 weeks now. So far I'm very happy with the diesel. Would have been very tempted if I felt the wait would have been worth it so even now not sure I would wait. I wonder if the 8K option package price that is floating...
  17. 37 Nitto Trail Grappler vs Ridge Grappler vs BFG KM3

    I've been partial to BFG and have 35 KM3's on my TJ. The new JLURD is getting a lift and trying to decide on Tires. Since this is more of a daily driver I'm thinking of going with the Ridge Grappler over either of the true MT's.
  18. Mopar flat tow harness - Diesel

    Has anyone installed this on a diesel? I just received and the instructions for everything starts at the air-cleaner and then down passenger side. The diesel air cleaner is on Driver side so not sure if I should simply do everything down driver side or if there may be more to this. Also, is...