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  1. North Carolina Auxbeam leds for JL Wrangler - headlights, foglights and turn signals - $40

    I used these for about 4 months and they worked perfect with no flickering on my 2019. The tabs on the foglights cracked, but still fit, seal and hold no problem. $40 picked up in the Charlotte area or will ship at your expense.
  2. North Carolina Roam frame mounted rock slides for JLU - $300

    Never been off road. A few scuffs here and there, but nothing major. Pick up in the Charlotte area.
  3. Best halogen housing led bulb replacement

    No issues or flickering at all on mine. Plug and play!
  4. Best halogen housing led bulb replacement

    same here, no issues. if anything I wish the fogs I bought were a perfect match to the head and corner lights, but they are really close.
  5. Whistling/wind noise with top down

    I appreciate all of the constructive comments. I folded the top carefully this time and used 2 bungee cords to hold it down and the whistling went away.
  6. Whistling/wind noise with top down

    I appreciate the helpful responses. The JL I test drove didnt do this with the top down so I wil try these suggestion. Thanks.
  7. Whistling/wind noise with top down

    I did not but ill give those a try. Thanks
  8. Whistling/wind noise with top down

    This is not the infamous windshield noise. It is only when the top is all the way down and starts at 30 mph. No issues when up, in sun rider or safari. It sounds like its coming from high up and in the rear. Anyone else experience this or know how to stop it?
  9. Best halogen housing led bulb replacement

    As an update I finally got a chance to drive at night and I would say this set up is substantially better than stock. Visibility was much clearer and the light traveled much further. I did not have anyone flash me and the cutoff seems similar to stock. I took a picture of the lights but it...
  10. Best halogen housing led bulb replacement

    Yeah, PSX24W / 2504. They choices weren't great, but the price is low and the return policy liberal at Amazon
  11. Best halogen housing led bulb replacement

    These are the foglights I installed yesterday. They are slightly more blue then the headlights, but not different enough to make it worth returning them. I still haven't driven with them, but when I tested them out in my driveway they seem super bright...
  12. Best halogen housing led bulb replacement

    I installed these H13 headlights and 7440 reverse/front turn signal lights today. Fit was perfect so no issues there. I haven't driven with them yet, but all 6 work fine including the blinkers without resistors. No hyperflashing at all. I have a 2019 Sport S btw. The turn signal lights and...
  13. Best halogen housing led bulb replacement

    Looks good! I spoke with Beamtech and they said they do not carry the matching 2504 fog lights. If anyone comes across a close match please let us know.
  14. Best halogen housing led bulb replacement

    What size bulbs are our fog lights? I am thinking of ordering a matching set of these if possible.
  15. Adding an Aftermarket Amp(s)

    I am looking at replacing the Alpine sub with an aftermarket sub and amp using an audiocontrol loc tapped off the soundbar speaker wires. I will not be using the factor wiring for the sub and the harness will remain unconnected. Will that cause an issue with the headunit? I wasn't sure if having...
  16. LED Replacements for Backup and TailLights/Turn/Brakes.

    Glad to hear it wasn't just my eyes! Anyway, I removed them and will be sending them back. Mainly because they looked goofy being so close to the taillight lens. I recommend anyone ordering replacement backup lights go with an overall length of 2" or less based on my measurements.
  17. LED Replacements for Backup and TailLights/Turn/Brakes.

    I installed these from amazon as well and mine also come close to our touch the housing. They are very visible even when off. Also, the seem to create a rolling line effect on the backup screen at night. Has anyone else noticed this? The work great and light up very bright, though I might...
  18. For those of you who leased in December would you share your the money factor you received?

    Thank you! Can you confirm that is definitely for 2019s? I have seen this a few times for 2018, but haven't hard frim confirmation of the MF for 2019.
  19. Any body received their 2019 JL yet?

    Ordered 11/20 and heard from the dealer it was ready today 12/20. Going to get it tomorrow