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  1. Florida Bestop floor liners BNIB (Fronts only)

    Yes they I still have them. If you are still interested, shoot me a pm with your zip I can get you a quote for shipping.
  2. Florida Bestop floor liners BNIB (Fronts only)

    For sale BesTop floor liners for 2dr or 4dr JL. Front liners ONLY. These are BNIB removed only to snap a pic. $50. + shipping or local pickup in Kissimmee FL.
  3. Florida Mopar floor 4dr floor liners, Weather Tech cargo liner, and Mopar cargo tub liner

    For sale used 4 door set of front and rear Mopar floor liners (red lettering), Weather Tech cargo liner (non-subwoofer), and Mopar cargo tub liner. $160. plus shipping from 34772 or local pick up in Kissimmee, FL
  4. Florida Bestop Sunrider for Hardtop JL 2018+ (Diamond Twill)

    Bestop Sunrider for hardtop fits 18+ JL. 30oz Black Twill version. Installed for 3 months on my garage kept JL Sport. Top is in excellent condition inside and out. All parts, accessories, box, packaging, and instructions included. $500 obo prefer local pickup in Kissimmee, FL.
  5. Sunrider Tops for JL?

    What exactly does the install entail? I've heard mention of a "cable" in a few threads, but with no specifics.
  6. Aftermarket Amp (s) Audio Install Wrangler JL

    Any pics of the amp/LC7 mounting?
  7. Has anyone succussfully flashed aux switches with Tazer?

    Did you ever get the issues sorted?
  8. Things to Consider before you purchase DV8 Bumpers…

    Do you have a link to the LED fogs? I'm on my 2nd set that will require splicing to get them to work. I like the idea of not altering the harness.
  9. Things to Consider before you purchase DV8 Bumpers…

    My FS-15 front bumper was delivered in perfect condition, but the modifications it took to get it fitted was a PITA. I like the final look, but truth be told if I had to do it again. I would have passed on DV8 and spent my money elsewhere. As others have said the JL fog lights didn't fit as...
  10. The Sunrider for Hardtop for the All New Jeep® Wrangler JL is here!

    Let me start saving my pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters NOW!!!!
  11. Recommended Dealer for Service in Orlando

    I'm sorry I cannot make a recommendation, however. I can tell you NOT to use Airport Dodge Jeep. I had the service manager tell me that I didn't need a wheel alignment because, my mileage was 300 miles. This was after I told him about my newly installed 2.5" lift and new wheel/tire package. Go...
  12. Backup Camera Bezel + Aftermarket Wheels

    Me either, never even knew this was a thing.
  13. Fiberwerx Angry Grill

    I like them too. I'm not sure if I'd run one though.
  14. DV8 Offroad JL Slim Fenders

    When will these fenders be shipping? Also can I run your fender liners raw? I kind of like the look.
  15. Best riding 2.5" coils/shocks

    This is what I'm running on my sport, I love it. The ride, is a tad stiffer that factory, but not too harsh. It feels very robust, and solid if that makes sense.
  16. Westin Bumpers

    I like the look of the Westin rear bumper. I'm thinking of going this route, sans the tire carrier.
  17. Turn headlights off = Blinded by instrument panel??

    I have the same issue. It feels like someone is taking a picture with flash....:facepalm: