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  1. Complete Cover

    Did you ever find a good waterproof full cover? It is very hard to find what you mentioned above!
  2. Looking for sun shade.

    I got the front piece Alien Sunshade and love it so far. I will eventually get the back section but I definitely think the 2 sections look much better vs the one piece.
  3. So what's it like living with the JL? (Especially folks who switched from a full sized truck)

    Thank you. Do you know how much the trailer actually weighs?
  4. Best Aftermarket Headlights for JL

    How do you know when the factory OEM LED conversion kit will be ready?
  5. Best halogen housing led bulb replacement

    I need that deal in Alabama!
  6. Are LED headlights worth $900?

    The stock non LED headlights are a joke! My wife's 2012 Pilot has better lights than my 2018 JLU! I just called my dealer and he said that he doesn't even have a conversion kit yet available.
  7. Lockers... whenever I want them.

    Will this not void your warranty?