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  1. Stock 18 JL Death Wobble @ 5000 miles.

    Unfortunately, I can't comment on the track bar play in your video but I do have some experience with the wobble in the original post. I've had this same wobble in my jeep since purchase in 2018. At speed (60-80mph) I would hit a bump and it would wobble for 1-3 seconds then stop. After a...
  2. Fumoto F106 M14-1.5 Drain Valve for the Wrangler JL

    I was wondering about that (leaving it on at all times)...the theory was that if I attach/remove it every oil change, it may loosen against the fitting...does it hurt to leave it attached (short of the chance it could get caught/break)?
  3. Inexpensive Organization

    One other note - this does not impact access to under-floor storage:
  4. Fumoto F106 M14-1.5 Drain Valve for the Wrangler JL

    I installed the Fumoto F106SX (the version that lets you adjust orientation) this weekend during the first oil change on my JLU Sport S. The wind was blowing 28mph and, even with a fill container, I made a mess on the driveway. I look forward to the next oil change and being able to use a tube...
  5. Inexpensive Organization

    I thought I'd show my solution to some inexpensive storage/organization. I've used this style of setup (though with 24 gallon containers) in my full size trucks. I have a JLU Sport S - no Alpine Sound System (note, I'm not sure you will get the same fit with the sub if you have the alpine...
  6. Cabin Air Filter - Part# & Servicing

    Just to note - don't make the same mistake I did. The JL cabin filters are different/larger than the JK. The aftermarket filters for the JK (K&N etc) will not work in the JL. I'm hoping K&N will come out with washable filters for the JL soon.