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  1. Borla Exhaust for the 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL!

    They told me a few weeks ago it’s not ready
  2. New KMC km541 Dirty Harry

    What do you guys think? New style for 2020. I think they look great, so considering them. I love machetes but not sure I need beadlocks. These would save me like 60% from beadlocks too!
  3. Who added new track bars to their Mopar lifted JL?

    I have little mechanical experience and installed steersmarts in an hour with my wife. Adjusts on jeep. Was really easy
  4. Overland decal opinions wanted

    You’re right I stand corrected...just buy a tarp and look like a legit overlander rig
  5. Overland decal opinions wanted

    I want one so bad...expensive
  6. 2019 JL Rear Cargo Shelf

    Will they fit a front runner wolf pack with ceiling clearance?
  7. 2019 JL Rear Cargo Shelf

    looks like it would be close. I am intrested in this too. The Hooke is a great price. If a fridge fits that would be awesome
  8. Overland decal opinions wanted

    Agreed. In current state it does not make any sense
  9. Question for Folks with the Pioneer roof rack (Maximus 3 or Rhino Backbone)

    The rhino rack instructions say not to. You risk breaking up the caulking seal and having a leak. Not worth the risk
  10. Rhino Rack JL Backbone RJLB1

    Just did mine other day, wasn't bad at all. Took longer to put the rack together than to mount it. Definitely nerve racking though
  11. Adjustable control arms vs correction brackets

    How do you determine if your castor is off. Seems as if there are a ton of people assuming. I have the mopar lift but dont just want to put a bracket on and assume it "fixes" something
  12. Is there a no drill roof rack?

    You can take the rhino rack off while not using it. It will just have the mounting plates left on the jeep
  13. LoD Destroyer Bike Carrier

    Any update? Can you make me a custom one? ny up
  14. Aftermarket Fender Flares for JL Wrangler?

    Where did you get the red cb style antenna
  15. LoD Destroyer Bike Carrier

    Please PM when available and I’ll order one for my destroyer
  16. LoD Destroyer Bike Carrier

    You guys have this available yet?
  17. The Roof Rack List (JL / JLU Wrangler)
  18. LOD Destroyer rear bumper / tire carrier

    I did not have to grind anything it will slide on and then you can adjust it if needed. Mine was really level almost straight away. You can install the lights later, I’d just do it all at same time but that’s just me. You’ll already have tail light off and I did CB at same time as well since...
  19. LOD Destroyer rear bumper / tire carrier

    Ended up taking most of the day yesterday. Unfortunately I forgot to buy the led bolts from lod so I ordered those on amazon prime and pre-wired them so I can just quickly wire them up. Couple things I ran into: The self tapping screws didn’t self tap. That will be an issue to address in near...