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  1. Steering stabilizer removal on Rubicon

    Get the Falcon adjustable steering stabilizer, it has a soft setting which feels much lighter than the stock stabilizer (I use the medium setting on mine which replicates stock feel).
  2. 2019 2 Door Rubicon, Bikini - Discrete But Purposeful Build

    I drilled a 1/8” hole next to the clip hole in case I wanted to re-use the clip hole. The screw holding the cyclone holds up the corner of the liner. The 1/8” hole is the only “permanent” part of the installation, everything else would be reversible.
  3. Rubicon owners . Dash display

    Mine says Rubicon - I recall seeing it could be changed but don’t remember if it was in the Uconnect settings or something I saw on the Tazer.
  4. Let's see those 2-Door JL pics!

    Pics from the past year...
  5. Warn Zeon relocation kit on a Mopar steel bumper

    Theoretically possible to reinstall the cover plate if the solenoid wasn’t there. However I can’t see how you’d access the clutch handle without cutting a hole in and therefore weakening the mounting plate. It’s pretty discreet installaction anyway and using the Maximus 3 filler plates tidies...
  6. Show Off Your Scenic Jeep Photos

    Some great shots in this thread. Here are a few from 2020......
  7. Alberta JL owners out here? show off your rig!

    Better pics of the Jeep plus the wife’s KL Trailhawk
  8. Alberta JL owners out here? show off your rig!

    We were out at Transalta a couple of weekends ago - a big group from Edmonton were down for the day.
  9. Additional HP?

    I have the Mopar CAI (with the vent installed) and Dynamax muffler delete on my 3.6L - is there a noticeable difference? Maybe. Barely. What has it done? Improved my fuel economy slightly (unless I’m flooring to hear the nice intake and exhaust noises of course). Improved ground clearance at...
  10. 2022 Color Wish List

    As I’m keeping my 2019 Bikini for life I’m ok if the color doesn’t make a comeback - I love having the most distinctive vehicle in the parking lot / on the trail. That said I do agree that the black, greys (including silver) and white vehicles are a bit (apologies to owners of these...
  11. NEW! JL Speaker / Light Bar Mount

    I ordered one of these through Quadratec last year....only after paying for shipping to Canada and offering it up to my 2 door JL did I realize how misleading the listing is - only after a lot of time extending holes with a drill, repainting and swearing during the whole process did I manage to...
  12. JL Sketch / artwork

    I’m ok at stick figures, not sure I could make a living out of it I know he puts more time into them than is reasonable to charge for - he enjoys doing them so I told him he could make a sideline out of something he considers fun. A cursory look online found a website that charges...
  13. JL Sketch / artwork

    It seems he has finally believed me that this a commercial skill - I’ll message you with his FB profile link - you should be able to message him to work out a price, etc..
  14. JL Sketch / artwork

    It is Bikini, it’s a schizophrenic color though. Lol.
  15. Oregon WTB: Wrangler JL Steel Bumper End Caps

    If that didn’t work out I have a spare set.
  16. JL Sketch / artwork

    I choose to paint with light also - I cannot draw That’s the factory skid plate - I liked the look of silver on the Mojave so painted mine to see how it looked. So far the paint is holding up well but at some point I’ll have it powder coated to make it more permanent.
  17. JL Sketch / artwork

    Me too - I can’t draw to save my
  18. JL Sketch / artwork

    My brother in-law has been busy doing a sketch of my JLR - I’ve told him a few times he should be doing this as a sideline and charging for his work. He doesn’t believe me - what do you guys thinks? Edit: He has started to believe that this is a commercial skill - what’s a fair price for...
  19. Any regrets getting a Bikini colored Wrangler?

    I find that the mopar high performance rock rails help reduce the blasting but also note they’re great at catching rocks between themselves and the bodywork so I can foresee 3M along the rockers fairly soon.
  20. Any regrets getting a Bikini colored Wrangler?

    It’s got a few but not too many - the factory applied 3M catches most of it. That said I will likely have a shop repair them properly (my touch ups never seem to match even though using the correct Mopar paint stick) then get them fully 3M’d. Just the fenders that seem to catch rocks.