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  1. Traction Control - On vs Off when off-roading

    I use 2WD as much as I can: Helps you become good at judging terrain / capabilities with and without 4WD. Saves wear on components (turning sharp in 4WD is hard on axle u joints) Just because I turn onto a dirt road doesn't mean I need 4WD. Obviously if I come to a mud hole or very rough...
  2. Op-Ed: Is the JL the BEST JEEP WRANGLER EVER?

    Coming from a YJ, to a TJ Rubicon, to a Sport JL............I think the JL is the best and even a basic Sport is well equipped if you don't need the Rubicon option. (The 258 ci was a good power plant) You appreciate the JL more when you have had jeeps for 30+ years and have some reference...
  3. Stupid things non-Wrangler owners say

    You don't take that out in the woods do you?
  4. Traction Control - On vs Off when off-roading

    Trac Control is best used for driving on packed snow/ice when highway driving. I reduces engine power as well as uses braking as needed. Designed to keep you from spinning out into a ditch. Driving in deep snow, sand, or mud you do not want it to cut power when you need to keep momentum/keep...
  5. What best offset rim for a jl sport with mopar lift

    +12/5.2" back space 8.5" width (2" spacer lift, 295/70/17 tires) Mopar "Gladiator" Wheels. Size: 17x8.5 Backspacing: 5.2 Offset: + 11.43mm Wheel Diameter: 17 Wheel Width: 8.5 Shipping Weight: 32lb 305's or 315's will stick out a little further. 305/65/17 seen here...
  6. Best 2”- 2 1/2” lift for daily driver

    2" spacers (Tuff Country) longer, better shocks 295/70's Same ride, improved by better shocks for bigger tires.
  7. Tire rotation, yes or no?

    I rotate at 3K......MT's get chewed up faster and get noisy and rough riding. AT's might be fine at 5-6K but doesn't hurt to do earlier. I have 2 jacks and do it in the driveway so doing it earlier is not adding cost. If you do it earlier rebalancing is not always needed. if you go longer...
  8. Looking for end of lease advice.

    Dealers will trade a lease. If the buy out is 29K and the used retail is higher you get some $ towards the new Jeep. If the buy out is higher than the used retail they can still do it but add the difference to the new vehicle cost.
  9. earning money at end of lease

    Leased a $20K 99 Dodge Dakota 4x4 truck. 4 year Lease cost about 10K, pay off at end of lease was about 10K. Went into Jeep dealer about a month before lease end and traded for 2003 Rubicon. Dealer offers me 14K buys it from lease/finance company and gives me 4K down on the Rubicon. 3 yr Lease...
  10. 2 Door JL Sport ONLY - Let's see them!

    First off, dealer modded the Jeep when new and I bought it this way. They did not add extended shocks and I got the dealer to pay for them since the kit says it requires extended shocks and they did not follow the directions. :headbang: (I looked underneath and immediately noticed the stock...
  11. 2 Door JL Sport ONLY - Let's see them!

    I Upgraded from 305/65's to 295/70's. A little added clearance and the steering isn't as twitchy as it was with 12" wide tires..........quieter ride as well.
  12. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    New white letter skins (295/70/17 with 2" spacer lift) DC trail country EXP what is considered a hybrid thread design. (they don't sling rocks and are quiet compared to the MT MTZ's I took off.)
  13. Camping setup (don’t want a rooftop tent)

    Tent: Requires additional gear, Sleeping bag, pad/air mattress if you don't like hard ground and want to maybe stay dry if it rains. Hammock: -Includes bug screen and rain fly, quilt lining and tree straps (CRUA brand Koala model) if you get the "complete kit" -Needs at least 1 tree and maybe...
  14. So what is underneath my Jeep?

    Yep looks like M200. (Standard Eqpt is Manual and D220/Dana 44) The Auto is not gonna shift abruptly as can be done with a Manual so they paired the HD axle with all manuals.
  15. Does nobody love bare bones Jeeps anymore?!

    When the Rubicon was first introduced it was a huge upgrade from previous YJ's and TJ's. With the addition of traction control as well as several other standard options on even a base model, the gap is much smaller now between a Rubicon and base model. I owned a Rubicon and downgraded to a...
  16. 295/70-17 on stock Sport

    Mopar Gladiator wheel........available in Black also.
  17. 295/70-17 on stock Sport

    295/70/17 with 2" spacer lift..............Wheels 8.5 wide, 5.2" backspacing.
  18. Mein Gott, what have I done (No option Wrangler)

    My first jeep had open diffs. I learned a lot as it forced me to pick the best line/path to keep traction/wheels on the ground. The JL is a whole different animal and a mountain goat compared to my first. My second Jeep was the first Rubicon 2003. Even it had hand crank windows. My Sport 2 Dr...
  19. JLU (non-Rubicon) 4H Juddering while turning at slow Speed

    ☠ Don't do that. I even switch back to 2WD on a trail if turning hard is needed and i don't need 4WD just to turn. Avoiding binding however slight, as much as possible.....will prolong the life of your front axle and driveshaft u joints. I never use 4H on the highway either unless the tar is...
  20. Wiring Harness connector under seats ??

    Can someone tell me if yours looks the same. This is the main harness connector under the front edge of your driver and passenger seats. All the wires from this go to 4 things. Seat belt buckle sensor, Air bag yellow coupler, seat sensor, and seat rail position sensor. There are plastic...