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  1. Are Steel Bumpers Even Worth It?

    Couple things: First: A winch weighs more than a steel bumper. Second: You can't just bolt a winch to the plastic bumper. You'd need to buy a steel winch plate that bolts on top of or between the front frame rails anyway to safely and securely bolt a winch onto the Jeep; then probably cut the...
  2. Top 10 things Jeep should have done

    You give them a week? Generous. I can hear the idiot choruses singing the praises of this peak off road model now: "IT GETS HORRIBLE MPG" "STEREO ISN'T GOOD ENOUGH" "IT'S TOO HIGH- I DON'T GO OFF ROAD I DON'T NEED THE GROUND CLEARANCE" "IT COST MORE THAN A CJ2-A; TOO EXPENSIVE" "IT HAS AN...
  3. Chinese winches. Smitty, Warn, etc. are they holding up worth a damn?

    My Warn VR-10 has been fine, probably about 5-10 pulls on it in the last year or so (Thanks COVID). I've had a good $15 cover on it from Amazon and it's fine. It dragged me over rocks, recovered me and a couple buddies at Rausch this past summer, and my buddy's dad's car when he slid into a...
  4. Nacho and Chief Colors

    I don't know anything extra, I'm just guessing based on my own experience: When my salesman was getting ready to go, Firecracker Red was the only one I could order out of my choices ( Punk'n Orange, Mojito! green, and Firecracker red) and a few other options were not open to order (listed as...
  5. Nacho and Chief Colors

    Keep checking back before locking in the order. I was told Punk'n Orange wasn't an option. I checked back 2 weeks later and Punk'n was available again so I locked in the order.
  6. Remote Start suggestions w/ Manual trans and Smartphone?

    DON'T CALL IT A COME BACK! SO, revisiting this thread because I'm actually kinda considering this again. I forgot to post my last update last year. I called another local shop and they said they could do it. It was going to be $800 and would be a different brand than Viper. At the time, I...
  7. So....about the steering wheel saga 2021 model

    Same. Early 2019 JLUR, 12k mi since Dec 2018. No issues... yet.
  8. 2.5" lift- What do I need to do?

    So, there is additional cost to the fender chop. Good to know. That's the same exact set up I am looking to run, but with different tires. I'm back and forth between the plastic and the aluminum ring. I don't NEED beadlocks, but I would definitely use them. It looks like they flex well, do...
  9. Transmission Gripe, When Using a Car Wash.

    The silver lining to this cloud is that many of these things are being added either via mandate (to make the vehicle safer) or because Jeep is gaining market share and they have to safeguard against normies who will most definitely do stupid things. Why is this good news? Well, other than the...
  10. 2.5" lift- What do I need to do?

    I tend to agree. Did you have to do inner fenders with the chop kit? It would be ideal to keep the tires out of the Fenders. Plus, I like the AAL kit and the look. Also: What Wheels are you running? What's the dimensions on them?
  11. Rear Cargo Mat Help

    It looks very similar to the Rugged Ridge floor mats, which I have. They're sort of a harder rubber/plastic material; if you get in with wet shoes/ boots, you can slide a bit on them. I like them but I've definitely stepped into the Jeep and almost slid before.
  12. Help?! 2020 JLU Fishtailed and Rolled From Potential Clutch and ABS System Failure

    This is strange. OP sounds like he didn't do anything wrong. I've got a 2019 JLUR on the KO2's and I've done this same thing on any of the multiple times heading to work during any one of the snowstorms we've had here (Upstate NY) in the past year or so. I've also done it in my past 2 Jeeps...
  13. Painted my dash Sarge Green -- a few changes -- Cost $66.00

    This is hilarious, awesome, and clever/ classy as hell. Great job.
  14. 2.5" lift- What do I need to do?

    good info. I appreciate the in depth analysis @RedundanT , and the additional insight from people running this kind of kit like @limeade and @Roky. I do plan on wheeling, but I don't know if you'd consider it "hardcore" anymore. For my TJ's, it definitely was, but the JLUR with the longer...
  15. Newbie to Lifts

    Also worth mentioning: I try to tell everyone to drive it stock first. It will teach you to be a better driver. Line choice is more important when you're closer to the ground. I've had mine for about 2 years now, I've gotten out to Rausch Creek once, and it gave me a good enough feel to get...
  16. Rubicon owners . Dash display

    2019 JLUR- says "Rubicon". checks out.
  17. 2.5" lift- What do I need to do?

    Yep, and I got the pictures to prove it :LOL: excellent info. Thanks! Ou of curiosity- why driveshafts? Do they risk breakage, or just slipping apart? I noticed they're big, hollow, and splined, vs. my old 1 piece shafts on my TJ's. Do they need to have any length changed, like the old TJ's?
  18. 2.5" lift- What do I need to do?

    If there are catch all threads for this, please feel free to link. I couldn't find any (other than "what lift" posts). I'm staring to plan for lifting my Jeep. Planning on going with the following: -Rock Krawler Adventure Series 2.5" lift (still deciding between shock and Adventure series...
  19. Newbie to Lifts

    Welcome! Sorry in advance for the novel. To answer your questions: 1). I may be biased, but I wouldn't bother with Mopar. A lot of people hype it up, but I've seen those same people in passing 6 months later on the forum mentioning they're buying parts from several manufacturers to correct...

    I suspect mine does, at least. I noticed I also have the emblem on my mirrors for heated mirrors- but never ordered the cold weather package. I will do some more investigation when I get a chance.