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  1. Diesel 101 - let’s hear it

    One thing about the 3.0 Diesel not talked about on this site: The Diesel warms slowly but puts out heat from the dash vents within 30 seconds. It's due to supplemental heaters feeding into the dash vents - which those of us living in Snow/Mountain country highly appreciate. Hunter
  2. Throttle enhancers

    I've had several Jeeps over the years, but this is my first Diesel one. It does not have a straight linear progression to the throttle application, but as with any vehicle, you get used to it and forget about it. So, I don't see the need for a throttle controller. If I want the Diesel to...
  3. Turbo

    My Jeep only gets that traditional Diesel clatter when it first starts and temps are below 20 degrees F. But, it always fires right up. FWIW - I highly appreciate the work Jeep put into the auxiliary heating system. I get warm air out of the dash within 30 seconds after a sub-20 degree start...
  4. "2021" Mopar part number for fuel filter / water separator for 3.0 L EcoDiesel

    Thanks 9mm for that find. I got my 1st one at the dealer for $58. Never again. Hunter
  5. Tall/Big Guy Door Arm Rest Issues?

    6'4" and 240 lbs here with a 35" inseam. One of the reasons I love the Wrangler is it fits like a proverbial glove. Most other vehicles don't have enough head and leg room. Hunter
  6. Analog Speedometer Error

    There's a free program available online called DigiHud - and it uses your phone's satellite connections to show your speed. I'm not trying to replace your speedo, just assuming some here will want a legitimately comparable source. Hunter
  7. Power outlet on back of center console

    Many of the after-market power inverters, typically around 400 watt +, plug directly into the battery with clippable leads. I carry one out on the trail with me to run an air compressor - and tools that run off the air compressor. Having an air supply out on the trail makes solving problems I...
  8. 110 Volt electric socket

    I use the plug in the Jeep to run a fish tank air pump - so my fish don't die during a power outage. Doing so, I've run down the battery low enough that the engine won't turn over. So, I merely recharge the battery, and go at it again. Hunter
  9. Winter arrived early

    An excellent thread with outstanding photography. Well done. Hunter
  10. 3.0 Diesel achieved 33 MPG on 9-hour Trail Run

    She's stock mechanically, but I did replace the black Altitude rims with the classic silver ones.
  11. How to secure rear spare wheel?

    I've done the same - added 3 locking lugs. Hunter
  12. 3.0 Diesel achieved 33 MPG on 9-hour Trail Run

    Yep - one of the 3 vehicles we saw was headed to the Geode/Trilobite deposits. There are also several abandoned (and dangerous) mines in the area. And, at several sites on The Trail, are lava flows that coincided with the ancient Lake Bonneville. Hunter
  13. 3.0 Fuses

    After reading concerns about fuses and their seating, I checked all mine. They were seated and doing well. Hunter
  14. Dual Exhaust Sound

    That's been my experience as well - with Audi and VW diesel cars. But, I have heard significant noise increases from Diesel trucks with deleted mufflers (Dodge Cummins &, Ford PSDs). Hunter
  15. 3.0 Diesel achieved 33 MPG on 9-hour Trail Run

    My wife and I took the Diesel Wrangler on the Pony Express Trail (PET) yesterday. Our route: Salt Lake to Fairfield (49 miles, pavement) Fairfield to Ibapah (120 miles of dirt, PET) Ibapah to West Wendover (58 miles, pavement) The trip took 9 hours, about 2 hours more than normal, because we...
  16. 392 Hemi V8 Concept Reviews by Roadshow and Motor1

    I think they'll sell every one they make. That 450 lb-ft of torque is tempting - but, unfortunately, the low MPG of the V8 will keep me away. I don't like to re-fuel in the dust bowl that's our West Desert. My 3-liter Diesel goes from Salt Lake City to Fairfield, then up to Wendover Nevada...
  17. Looking into a JLU EcoDiesel order - so anyone on here actually have a good experience with the engine?

    My '20 Diesel Jeep has become my favorite of the 10 off-road Jeeps I've owned over the last forty years. And, zero problems with outstanding (for a Jeep) MPG. Hunter
  18. New 2020 JLU Engine Replacement 2.0 Turbo

    I agree fully. Having an engine replaced will potentially impact too many systems to list. And, I've been through it. Save yourself from the heartaches. Hunter
  19. Speedo change going from 33s to 37s?

    If you have an Android phone you can download DigiHUD off the web and put it on your phone. It'll always show how fast you're going, It's pinged off satellites. Hunter
  20. San Juan Mtns/ Moab July

    Just a heads up, but you probably already know that things are on the HOT side in Moab in July. Hunter