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  1. Rubicon to the rescue

    All the mail trucks in my town are Jeep Wranglers :)
  2. Stanced JL ;)

  3. I need help with tailgate

    Crazy amounts of WD-40 or the like?
  4. Constant spam every morning in General forum

    I just use the ignore feature and refresh the page and they go away.
  5. 'em

    Dot and Dash :)
  6. Off road pages. It’s time

    @JeepCares - My software version is stil 17.43.44. If I go to the dealership and get this fix will it update my software? Will I be able to get over air updates in the future or will I have to schlep to the dealership every few months?
  7. Jeep Cares

    I‘ve had a ticket open since mid-November re the missing ORPs and I have not had a single person contact me about it. Complete bs.
  8. OCEAN BLUE Wrangler JL Club

    Wow! Your garage is clean.
  9. Jeep Dog pics

    Not the best picture BUT...
  10. Off Road Pages in 2019 UConnect?

    I got my 2018 in July. I have never had ORP. I finally got a ticket assigned about 3 weeks ago but I have not heard a single word from anyone since. Still no ORP. Serious BS.
  11. Off Road Pages Update Status...

    When you remove your personal info what all is erased? Does that include things like radio presets or what?
  12. Off Road Pages Update Status...

    Please post any resolution on this thread. I supposedly have an open ticket with Uconnect but I haven’t heard squat from them. I would love to know what to do to get the update.
  13. Door Lock Button Requires Multiple Presses

    You probably already know this BUT make sure you aren’t holding the handle when you press the lock button. Just press the lock button with one extended finger. If you do it while holding the handle and pressing with your thumb the Jeep doesn’t know if you are trying to lock or unlock it.
  14. Off Road Pages Update Status...

    Part of me feels the same way. I do most of my off-roading on the beach and I really don’t NEED the ORPs BUT I am concerned that my system isn’t getting updates. I still have the same software version that existed when I picked up my Jeep in July. What else am I misssing -now or because of some...
  15. Jeep told me to pull over now!

    Yeah, they should have flat towed that. There is another thread where a number of people had similar issues from a variety of causes.
  16. Had Off Road Pages, Now Its Gone. Anyone else experience this?

    Got my Jeep in July. Did not have ORP then, don’t have them now, and have never had them. I’m not sure what the secret is to getting them but it makes me concerned I am not getting other updates as well. What else am I missing? Sigh.
  17. Track bar frame weld issue recall! [Updated with official UA5 recall notice w/ repair procedure]

    I checked my VIN today and my recall was marked as “completed” but I haven’t heard anything from FCA or the dealership yet. I guess the pictures of the welds passed muster but one of the 2 pictures was very blurry and I am surprised FCA didn’t ask the dealership to retake it. (I think my track...