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  1. USB 2 doesn’t activate carplay

    Exactly what mine does. Same ports don’t work.
  2. Educate me: leather seats

    I factory ordered and did not get leather. Dogs, camping, fishing and feel. Leather was in every one at the dealership and they couldn’t understand me not wanting it. Scotch Guard on cloth for easier cleaning and I also don’t like leather in the sun with or without a shirt and top off. My two...
  3. Loose Steering is NORMAL for the JL

    I took mine into the dealer for wandering and what I feel is over correction when steering. They came back with “ the technician couldn’t find a fault” and charged me $75 for the diagnostic. Still wanders. I sold a 2008 JKU Rubi 4” lift and 35s for this and it had better steering. Don’t get me...
  4. Tire pressures.

    Wow! Just that easy. If you know where to look. Thank you!
  5. Tire pressures.

    I did change from Kmph to Mph but that’s all that changed. I’ll look for the config menu
  6. Tire pressures.

    So I’m in Canada and the tire pressure is in bars. I can convert on my iPhone, but is there a way to have the dash info display in psi?
  7. 2019 Wrangler Again Gets One Star - Poor Crash Performance

    Add steel bumpers and or just don’t crash. Who cares. This wasn’t even on my list of things to check before I bought.
  8. What new features would you like to see on the 2020 JL?

    My only real issues are the fender design. I don’t like that the seam with the body has a groove that fills with rocks and dirt. That and that the Jeep won’t move with the drivers door open. Other than that I still love it.
  9. Nostalgia...

    Wow! Did you test drive one before purchasing? I love the refinements. The new Mosel gives me all of the great things my JKUR had with the great things my Cherokee Trailhawk had. Allows me to have one vehicle instead of a toy and a company car
  10. Jeep Dog pics

    The day we picked up our new Malinois. Nov 16th. Solo has been so much fun so far.
  11. How many Jeeps have you owned?

  12. Jeep screwed up badly with the hardtop design

    First Wrangler I assume. Suggest you sell it immediately to show your disapproval. I am thrilled with everything about my JLUR. It is my 8th Jeep. Had my 08 JKUR from new and this is so much better in every way.
  13. Am I the only one who likes my Jeep?

    I share your opinion. I’ve had a CJ, YJ, a couple of XJs, TJ, JKUR and a Cherokee Trailhawk and now my JLUR. I loved them all. They all had their quirks but loved them. This one is my favourite. All the comforts of the Trailhawk on the wrangler platform. I don’t think I could have designed it...
  14. Body colored fenders or black?

    Lemon Pledge furniture takes them back. I learnt that from my Triumph Motorcycle form members. Worked on the bike parts and works on the Jeep. Had an 08 JKUR since new and traded on my 18 JLUR.
  15. Body color painting mirrors, hood vents, handles, all black plastic on JLUR.

    To each their own as they say, but not for me. I ordered my Rubi white with black roof and black fenders. I prefer the look. I have also seen too many painted plastic parts start cracking and peeling with time or a love tap or two.
  16. JL hardtop removal

    I have the lifting part. What are the red tabs? Where did they come from and how do they mount?
  17. Who makes these grilles?

    I don’t know who makes these, but they should stop immediately. Ugly ugly and destroys the iconic slot grill.
  18. Angry Grille for the JL...Love it or Hate it?

    Personally Hate then
  19. JLWF / Tazer Z-Automotive Giveaway: Tazer Programmer For Jeep Wrangler JL

    I had a Super Chips in my JK and from what I read the Tazer is far better. My JL is due to arrive this month with any luck. I’d love to get a Tazer!!!