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  1. Dealership can now reprogram / calibrate speedometer and odometer for bigger tires

    This is interesting that it's "news", considering i broke the story on March 11th, and the bulletin came out back in January
  2. Calibrate for 35s

    I'm skeptical
  3. Calibrate for 35s

    Every dealer has this capability.
  4. Calibrate for 35s

    I posted the entire dealer instructions, directly from Mopar
  5. Calibrate for 35s

    • Sell customers the appropriate MVP Option code(s) via VINDriven or wiADVISOR based on measurements taken of the modifications. (See pages 2 and 3) • Regardless if the modification is Tire Size, Axle Ratio or Transfer Case, tire option must be chosen first to populate other options. • If there...
  6. Calibrate for 35s

    There's another page to the tsb, it says AUTHENTIC. GENUINE. FACTORY-BACKED Attention: All CJDR Dealers, Business and Service Managers From: Mopar Vehicle Protection Team Mopar Custom Calibration for 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL B U L L E T I N : 2 0 1 8 -0 0 4 F e b r u a r y2 1 , 2 0 1 8 On...
  7. Calibrate for 35s

    take this to your dealer, they're going to charge $125, I was completely wrong. I apologize
  8. Calibrate for 35s

    I just reread it, and I did take a liberty. I see people bashing dealerships, like THEY KNOW how to do something. Some dealers are jerks, some are stupid, but none of them are miracle workers. I've seen "stealerships" help customers when they could have turned their backs on them. All of us who...
  9. Calibrate for 35s

    Well I do hope they have figured out a way of doing this as it would save us all some money if we didn't have to buy tuners to change tire size beyond OE options. However, the AEV is pretty inexpensive, so if something comes along on that price range, I wouldn't be too upset, personally. Good...
  10. Calibrate for 35s

    That's very cool, and I hope they CAN do it, i'm must not understanding HOW they can do it. I upgraded my tire size as well, but it appears the difference is negligible, so I am not worried about it until i go to 275/70R18, which might be a while.
  11. Calibrate for 35s

    We just lifted a sport and put 35s on it, when you configure the bcm (that's how you change tire sizes on the JL), it won't let you select a larger size than the 285/70R17. I believe this is because of emissions/fuel economy standards. The same was true with the JK. Obviously, someone will...
  12. Calibrate for 35s

    I believe the message says when you try to program 35" tires "unsupported tire size". There isn't a way for them to do it . Just like you couldn't program anything larger than a 255/75R17 / 255/70R18 (32.06) on a JK.
  13. 33's on a Sport/Sahara?

    However, Rubicons have raised fenders.
  14. Plan on paying the dealership a lot more - no tuners anytime soon

    I'll let you guys know tomorrow as we're lifting a sport and putting 33s on it. Plus I'm putting 33s on my jl sport on Saturday.
  15. Plan on paying the dealership a lot more - no tuners anytime soon

    OP doesn't have a clue how dealer structure works. It doesn't "cost" the dealership to make changes to build codes (tire sizes, etc). What I mean is, the dealership is an independent franchisee and they can change build codes, tire sizes etc. within certain parameters. Now if you're crying...
  16. Mopar Lift, 35's, and Warranty

    What kind of warranty issues are you worried about? The pieces provided in the lift have a parts warranty. The lift would have to cause something to fail for there to be any kind of issue. You seldom see see any issues with a 2" lift, except oversized tires bottoming out on the fenders and...
  17. Mopar Lift, 35's, and Warranty

    As someone who spends 8 hours a day in parts, it's not the parts people, it's Chrysler. There are accessories in StarParts that sell for over $1000 that don't even have pictures. The current performance catalog available online for Chrysler parts people is copyright 2009. You can only work with...
  18. Mopar Lift, 35's, and Warranty

    Actually, your dealer is telling the truth, the part numbers for the lift kits is NOT in star parts yet, but it IS in the paper performance catalog. Also, Quadratec shows the part numbers. They aren't easy to get right now, the dealer will probably have to ask his rep to get him the lift. Once...
  19. JK to JL compatibility listing

    My apologies, 68241067AB is the tpms sensor. I did a cursory look and that part has been used by mopar in some fashion since 2010. But as four low posted, 68241067AB is 433mhz and has only been used on Wranglers since 2013, before that sensors were 315mhz But 68241067AB is the sensor listed...
  20. Mopar Lift, 35's, and Warranty

    We've got 2 at my dealership, a 3rd one en route.