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  1. Recommendations for CB/VHF Radio?

    WOW! Interesting and it makes sense. Thank you for letting me know. I learned something today. My day is complete.
  2. Recommendations for CB/VHF Radio?

    I've searched and can't find anything about a video certification for a license to operate on ham bands. I know it's been a few years since I got my ticket, but I had to take the exams in front of an approved examiner. And yes, you can use ham without a license, but it's wrong to do and not...
  3. Do you use auto or manual climate controls?

    I've been using the auto climate control for 2 1/2 years and I think it's great. I keep it at 70 to72 year round and it's performed very well.
  4. Airing up tires after off roading?

    I went off roading in the Rockies last year and the gravel trails were spine hurting until I went down to 16 PSI. made the trip much more comfortable. I have a Smittybuilt comressor and it aired my tires and my friends tires up to 32 in less than 10 minutes for each vehicle.
  5. Jeep travel partners

    My wife and I are in the same boat. We want to go to Colorado and Utah next summer. We have friends (my daughter's in-laws Cliff and Carol) in Colorado and they also have a Rubicon. We've gone to Colorado and went off roading in the Rockies and had a blast. I know that Cliff and Carol are...
  6. Midland MicroMobile 15w GMRS Install

    Just looking at the antenna, it looks like a ham radio dual band antenna. I use the same one for ham and GMRS and it should work well.
  7. Midland MicroMobile 15w GMRS Install

    The short answer is yes, you can use the same coax. But not the same antenna. The antenna for a CB is MUCH longer than the antenna for GMRS. Plus with most radios, the higher the antenna, the better performance. A GMRS antenna is a few inches long where a CB antenna can be over 100 inches...
  8. Cheap Jeep Hacks! Show 'Em Off Here!

    Question; where would that phone go if the airbag deployed in a front end collision?
  9. Anybody do Argentine Pass near Denver?

    A year ago in September, my wife and I drove the Argentine Pass with my son-in-law's parents. It was spectacular. I didn't have any problems with it. We were planning another trip out there and on to Moab this year but COVID put a stop to that. Maybe next year.
  10. Bearcat Off-Road CMX760 CB Install

    and it works just as advertised. I'll never buy another external speaker for the ham radio.
  11. Bearcat Off-Road CMX760 CB Install

    I used a module that mutes a factory speaker when audio is coming from my ham radio. Should work with CB also.
  12. a winch with a rubicon recon bumper?

    Is it the steel bumper? I'm not familiar with the "recon". I have a Rubicon and have the loop and installed a Warn winch. I used the Warn plate and had no problems installing it. Do these pics answer your question?
  13. uConnect 8.4 inch screen buttons freeze

    I had the same problem and the dealer said I had updates that could help. After they applied the updates at the dealer, I have had zero problems. My JL is one of the early 2018 2 door models and had a software version 18.xxxx. It appears to now have a 2019 version.
  14. Warn VR EVO 10S & Warn Plate Install Pics

    I have the Mopar Grill Guard and a Warn winch with no problems at all.
  15. Smittybilt XRC Gen 3 9.5k and stocked steel bumper with mopar Grill guard

    My winch control box is behind the Mopar bar. If it were taller, it would still have fit.
  16. CB Radio Locations and Installs -- Post your Pictures and go down to the "For External Speaker WIzard"
  17. CB Radio Locations and Installs -- Post your Pictures

    FWIW, I used an audio interrupt on my drivers side dash speaker. When I get audio from the ham radio, it silences that speaker only and the ham audio comes through. It's really clean.
  18. Tazer JL Mini Review - 2019 JL Sport -

    Noted... And for the record, I agree with you. If it is advertised to do a function, then it should do that. I've read other members that have experienced delays in hearing back, especially from emails (it's a small shop making and programming these things), but I got the impression that they...