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  1. Overlanding in Texas

    We definitely want to get out to that area but yes...long ways away. Need to make a week out of that one.
  2. Overlanding in Texas

    Looks like a good little getaway. Thanks!
  3. Overlanding in Texas

    Hi all. Needing to get away from the Houston area for a few days and wondering if anyone has mapped out a drive in Texas that has points along the way for quiet camping. Would be sleeping in my JL. What's everyone doing, where you headed and how was it? Not planning any heavy rock climbing...
  4. Is Tailgate Reinforcement Needed?

    I do have some rattling but I’m not sure that it’s from the tension rod. Mine seems to be where the spare tire mount inserts into the carrier if that makes sense.
  5. Is Tailgate Reinforcement Needed?

    Did you get it figured out? Sorry for the delay. yes. Mine is a little stiff but I don’t mind it.
  6. Is Tailgate Reinforcement Needed?

    I agree. I guess I was just trying to get off cheap. I went ahead and installed the Roam slimline bumper with tire carrier.
  7. Roam Slimline Read Bumper w Tire Carrier

    Hey Chris. How did you end up wiring up the license plate bracket?
  8. 38's & 40's JL Pics W/Lift Kit! Post Em Up

    38 Pats in MC 3.5 Game-changer,
  9. 38's & 40's JL Pics W/Lift Kit! Post Em Up

    I had 37‘s on when I added my fender delete on a 3 1/2 inch metal cloak. Not sure how that measures up to the Mopar lift but I definitely need to go to 38’s. The 37‘s looked good but I felt it just needed a little more.
  10. Is Tailgate Reinforcement Needed?

    Hi All. Picking up 38" Pats and hearing they are pretty light. My total wheel weight is 35 lbs and Discount Tire has the Pats at 83 from what I am seeing. I know the set up will fit with OEM steel bumper with my RC relocation but is 118 weight too much for the tailgate? Thanks.
  11. MetalCloak 3.5” lift kit for JL Wrangler

    MC Game Changer 3.5, Rocksports with American Adventure Labs LED’s and inner fenders. Big thanks to Brett for helping me dial it in.
  12. ACE Slider Install - Hints from fellow JL/JLU Owner's

    Hey all. Placed my order but now having second thoughts. Anyone have issues with the Ace Sliders damaging the body with the way they are mounted? I plan to use them for what they are meant to do.
  13. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Do I need to go to 38’s or 40’s? Running 37 12.50 17 Mastercraft MXT’s now. Installed MC 3.5 Game Changer, Adams front DS, American Adventure Labs LED’s and Pixie Decals vent decals.
  14. Texas Roam JLU Side Steps- Powder Coated

    Thanks. These are body mount, not frame sliders. regarding a trade I’m only interested in rock sliders. That is the reason why am getting rid of these.
  15. Texas Roam JLU Side Steps- Powder Coated

    Need true rock sliders so selling my ROAM JLU powder coated side steps. They include LED’s. Great condition. No damage or scratches. Houston Area Only. Don’t want to ship. $300
  16. Texas Mopar LED Front Fender Directional lights

    Selling my front fender LED’s. Houston area preferably but will ship. $250.
  17. JLU (4DR) JLUR Suspension plus RC Coil Spacer lift.

    Hi all. These are sold. Thanks!
  18. JLU (4DR) JLUR Suspension plus RC Coil Spacer lift.

    Sale is pending on the entire set but to answer your question the RC spacers are 2 1/2 inches.
  19. JLU (4DR) JLUR Suspension plus RC Coil Spacer lift.

    Ready to move these out. About 12k miles on both. Thinking a couple hundred bucks but make an offer.