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  1. Post Your RUBICON on 35's With a Lift

    2.5" Rough Country lift and 35" Mickey Thompson's
  2. Audio Experts-Help Needed Mounting Sub

    Thats nice! Do the freedom tops still fit in the bag across the back seat?
  3. Where do you connect subwoofer audio cable on your JL?

    Type this into the search, it might help Upgrading Non-Alpine Audio
  4. Upgrading base sound system

    Thanks Sting_NC_USA, Your information has been very valuable on this forum! Thanks to you and your posts on the "Adding Aftermarket Amp(s)" thread I have purchased a JL Audio M700/5, a JL Audio Fix86, Inline resistors and all the wiring to hopefully install either Wednesday or Thursday this...
  5. Upgrading base sound system

    Well... "Low end" for 3.5's.. I just put back the front two dash OEM speakers and now my rollbar 3.5's sound good again. I dont know what happened. Maybe the ohm's were off or something. Big difference for me though
  6. Upgrading base sound system

    Did you use the resistors on these? I installed mine yesterday replacing all 4 of the 2.5's and i lost all my low end. Kinda sounds like garbage actually. BUT! I do remember after only installing 1 I turned it on and there was tons of low end...
  7. Adding an Aftermarket Amp(s)

    What JL Audio Stealthbox did they use? Are they making one for the JLU??
  8. Jeeps on the Beach... Post Em Up!

  9. Post Your RUBICON on 35's With a Lift

    My Rubicon JLU 2.5" rough country and 35" Mikey Thompson tires
  10. Does the JL use the same clips as the JK to mount the fender flares?

    Yes it does. Half of my bumper was ripped off on the 4th so heres the picture. I went to the dealership and they wanted $6.50 per clip. on Amazon you can get 20 for the same price. I bought 2 and reused the ones I could. Its back to normal again.