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  1. Massachusetts Gladiator rubicon Fox shocks

    Yes, I still have them.
  2. 285/70/17 vs 285/75/17

    Sorry I do not have a JL, I was just showing the size difference between the two sizes.
  3. 285/70/17 vs 285/75/17

    Toyo AT IIIs 285/75/17s next to Falken A/T 285/70/17s both mounted on stock 7.5” wide rims. Solid inch taller.
  4. When did you do your first oil change.....?

    First oil change. 5k miles, Super Tech 0/20 full synthetic, Fram oil filter. No dealer, afraid of what they would do to it not to mention I don’t have the time to waste.
  5. Gladiator Fox shocks on JLUR?

    I have a set of Fox JT Rubicon shocks for sale in MA in the classifieds if anyone is looking for a set.
  6. New Tires: Open Country A/T III 285/75/17

    These are great tires I had a set on my JT for 2k miles, decided to go with a different setup so they are for sale on rims with tpms if anyone is interested, in the classifieds.
  7. TrailRecon Lift Comparison Part 2

    Good videos, I wonder if the AEV would have ridden better with different shocks? I have always found the Bilsteins to ride pretty harsh.
  8. 285/75r17 on stock JL Rubicon

    Check out the Toyo A/T III s in 285/75/17. The LR C ones are 59lbs they are a solid inch taller than most 285/70/17s. Not the best picture but this is a Toyo 285/75/17 next to a Falken 285/70/17 both mounted on Jeep 7.5” rims The yellow thing on top is a wiffle bat.
  9. Massachusetts Gladiator rubicon Fox shocks

    Set of take off Gladiator Fox shocks, read a few threads on here where people put them on JLs. $225 for the set
  10. Massachusetts Toyo A/T III 285/75/17 tires and wheels

    Set of 4 Toyo A/T III 285/75/17 on JT rims. Tires were purchased middle of October, under 2k miles, they are SKU 355690 load range C 33.9” tall, 11.3” wide 59lbs. Mounted on oem JT sport S rims. Includes TPMS. Tires and wheels are perfect not a mark in them. I decided to go with something else...
  11. Curious to know: What brand / name tire is a true 35" tire? Not ones that run small...

    285/75/18s run pretty close to 35" tall, taller than most tires labeled 35s
  12. 35s on my stock Sahara JL

    I would get a set of the Rubicon fenders from the parts catalog and then put on Toyo AT IIs in 285/75/18 on stock wheels. They are 35s but roughly 11" wide.
  13. Best Floor Mats - WeatherTech FloorLiners

    Just curious, do you have any affiliation with Weathertech? you seem to be pushing them pretty hard.
  14. Do black fenders color fade with time?

    Ok, I will back up my statement, here is a random 10 year old JK with 160k on it, check out the fenders and bumpers, I have owned several JKs never any issue with...
  15. Do black fenders color fade with time?

    They don't fade, just put some 303 protectant on them from time to time.
  16. Dynatrac/Dirt Every Day build.

    It's cool, but what else would you expect with an unlimited budget and resources?
  17. For all the people who have bought/order JL? Why risk first year production of redesign?

    Even if the JL has problems and recalls which I doubt it will, it will not matter, the JK has been on almost every cars not to buy list, worst quality list and unsafe car list yet somehow it still manages to set sales records and retain extremely high resale value. The coolness of the Wrangler...
  18. 34" Tires on factory wheels with stock tire carrier for Rubicon

    I run that size on my JKU on stock wheels with a 2.5" lift, on the stock spare tire mount, I have had them for the last couple years and 40k miles no issues with fitment or with the carrier. I am running Toyo Open Country AT IIs, generally BFGs run smaller than other brands in the same sizes, my...
  19. Best Floor Mats - WeatherTech FloorLiners

    Not a fan of Weathertechs, i had a full set in my wife's Honda Pilot, the rear mat edge's started to curl in,called them multiple times on the issue, they did not offer any solution other than to try heating it with a hair dryer and bend them out. I have Husky liners classic style in my truck...
  20. Confirmed JL Dealership Arrivals

    Yes, All Terrains are quieter and better on the road than Mud Terrains, better in the wet conditions as well.