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  1. Metalcloak 2.5" Kit NOW LIVE

    Did you flip the rear sway bar? I thought I read somewhere that it is recommended, but now I don't see it in the metalcloak instructions.
  2. Metalcloak 2.5" Kit NOW LIVE

    So update to my above post - I’ve been slowly installing this kit over the past few weekends, and there are a ton of viable stopping points. Day 1 - Front LCAs. Note - the bolts for these are INCREDIBLY difficult to loosen. I had to stand on a 24” breaker bar and pull on the bumper with all my...
  3. Metalcloak 3.5 Installed

    Thanks- finally got them in after opening up the hole on the coil perch and prying/hammering the bejeezus out of them.
  4. Metalcloak 3.5 Installed

    I’ve spent about 4 hours trying to get those f&*%king brackets lined up, but the brake line bracket hole is always 1/4” off. Should I just drill a new hole, or is there a trick to getting them lined up properly?
  5. Installing Rock Krawler kit, can I do it?

    Those were ridiculously hard to take off. My air impact couldn't do it (rated to 450ft-lbs), but I eventually got them loose by standing on a 24" breaker bar and pulling as hard as I could on the bumper for extra downward force. My wife thought it was hilarious to watch.
  6. Metalcloak 3.5 Installed

    Nice! Are those 37”?
  7. Metalcloak 2.5" Kit NOW LIVE

    Question - what are the points where one can safely pause the install, or do it in stages? I’m thinking: 1) driveshaft 2) 4x shocks & springs + front stuff (ie the DR lift kit parts) 3) rear control arms + rest of the back stuff (ie the rest of the GC lift parts) Can that be broken down...
  8. Metalcloak 2.5" Kit NOW LIVE

    Just ordered the 2.5" GC. Still deciding whether or not I'm gonna try the I stall myself or hand it over to Misha, the only English speaking mechanic in 1000 miles :)
  9. Baja Designs Squadron Wiring & Install Video

    Good question - I honestly don't remember. Since the aux is fused, it probably doesn't matter. If I remember I'll check in the morning and let you know for sure.
  10. Soft top only folks- any regrets?

    I haven't run into any issues installing the windows in the winter (down to ~ 10-15 degrees). The edges just pop into place once you get it threaded on the slider thingie at the top. I went with the Twill.
  11. Soft top only folks- any regrets?

    Only regret is serious lack of rooftop storage options. Otherwise, I absolutely love the soft top - with the heated steering wheel and seats, I can go to 30 degrees before I start closing the top. Also, cruising around with the top down in winter builds character for my kids in the backseat :)
  12. Baja Designs - Squadron Sport vs SAE - Amber Fog Light Comparison

    The amber definitely cuts through fog/dust/snow much easier than the stock LED fogs, but in terms of overall brightness, it's not a huge difference. Most of that is for the SAE certification though- the similarly priced non-SAE certified Squadron Sports/Pros are light cannons.
  13. Baja Designs - Squadron Sport vs SAE - Amber Fog Light Comparison

    Definitely not - they are blinding to oncoming traffic. The Squadron SAEs are good for on-road DD use though.
  14. Off-Road Camera (front facing) writeup

    The one that came with the Zautomotive camera kit. Not sure the FOV but it’s really wide. Objects in camera are much closer than they appear. already put it to good use though - my neighborhood is getting all torn up for utility work, and now I can see right in front of my tires & pick my way...
  15. Go up to 35s or make a big jump to 37s?

    Thanks for the pics- I have 35” ko2s and was debating between the MC 2.5 & 3.5 lifts- looks like 2.5” is the way to go.
  16. Off-Road Camera (front facing) writeup

    I finally got my camera hooked up. Broke the black wire pin on initial install, so I ended up purchasing a near match harness from eBay to harvest the pin and pigtail. Replacement pin was a tiny bit smaller than the original, but after fattening it up slightly with some solder I managed to get...
  17. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    Participated in the “Ташкент Джип Триал“ (Tashkent Jeep Trial) in Uzbekistan. The JLU was a big hit!
  18. ☆ Light Em' Up ☆ Show your AUX light setups

    I’ll post the whole setup later, but this is my most recent project - rock lights & step lights tied to the footwell courtesy lights. Rock lights are also tied to Aux button with a two to one diode so they can be turned on separately.
  19. Accidental audio improvement with dash speakers and Alpine system

    I did not use the big capacitors included with the speakers. There were some smaller ones already soldered on to the speakers, I left those in place.