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  1. My Manual 2dr JL Build (In Progress)

    Yes! I bought factory rubicon fenders and did the drl trim
  2. My Manual 2dr JL Build (In Progress)

    37s and highline fenders with drl
  3. Where's the love for the 2dr JL

    I've had for around a year, no noticeable rusting, not too heavy. Can't complain
  4. What Gearing Should I Get?

    I ended up going 4.88s with 37s. I would recomend 4.56s for 35s. Especially with the manual transmission.
  5. What Gearing Should I Get?

    It is like night and day compared to the 3.45's (obviously). I can actually use all 6 of my gears now. It feels peppy again.
  6. What Gearing Should I Get?

    No lockers yet... Debating if front lockers are worth it when in I am going to get a ProRock 44 a few years down the line. Rear lockers eventually.
  7. What Gearing Should I Get?

    UPDATE: I went to 37 inch tires and regeared to 4.88
  8. Jeep Ducking (Duck Duck Jeep)

    I just read this, thinking this is the dumbest trend... I walk to my jl and see one on my handle....
  9. Post your before and afters

    2018 manual sport s. 37s coming soon
  10. Texas What bolt size is the towing harness?

    I dont have the tow package and I can't seem to find the bolt size for it. If anyone knows let me know.
  11. Share Your Lighting Set-Up

    My lighting set up.
  12. Looking for 2.5" lift to complete the look.

    Nope! All of the relocation brackets are included.
  13. My Manual 2dr JL Build (In Progress)

    Update: I got tired of waiting and installed the Rugged Ridge Arcus front bumper paired with a Warn Evo-10s. Update 2: Recently preordered the Rugged Ridge Max Terrain fenders. I am very excited to install those.
  14. My Manual 2dr JL Build (In Progress)

    Time to stretch the legs with the new suspension. More than happy with the performance. Bravo AEV... Bravo(still waiting on those bumpers though:angry:)
  15. My Manual 2dr JL Build (In Progress)

    Installed the Diabolical Slipstream for some added security for the soft top. It took around 6hrs due to the instructions(the lack of rather). I am am more than thrilled with the end product. Well worth the coin. Ignore the bird crap on the seat
  16. My Manual 2dr JL Build (In Progress)

    AEV 2.5" DualSport RT lift installed by the one and only Collins Bros. Also upgraded the headlights to the mopar LEDs Those 33s are starting to look small...
  17. My Manual 2dr JL Build (In Progress)

    First full flex on stock suspension. Once the sway bars were out of the equation it was suprising.