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  1. Rear locker stuck engaged, mech answer needed!

    No one knows whether the locker stays engaged without power?
  2. Rear locker stuck engaged, mech answer needed!

    Hey guys, my rear locker is stuck engaged even without the harness plugged in. I have looked thoroughly at the other forum posts that pertain to the notorious 2018 locker issues. What I’m wondering is, does the locker mechanism inside the diff require electrical signal to disengage, or should...
  3. Northridge4x4's Giveaway Gladiator Build!

    entered, would be cool to see some over landing gear be put on it.
  4. Is Tailgate Reinforcement Needed?

    You shouldn’t see immediate issues, but having that weight on there bouncing around in the long run will have its effect. If you rock crawl at all then I’d highly advise against putting that tire on the back without a proper tire carrier. The first rock that tire touches will not leave you with...
  5. "Tank" build. Sting grey rubicon. Updated.

    I sold my wheels and tires and a few other odds and ends here on the member posting board. Sold my wheels the same day of posting if I remember correctly.
  6. 35" vs 37" Tires (and lift) on a JLRU for Daily Driver at 70-90 mph

    I have a 2.5 inch lift with 37s on my Rubicon jlu. My dads is lifted 3.5 inches with 37s and a friends with 35s on stock. Mine drives the best of the three. I have a king/evo build. It feels better then stock in my opinion. However my dads has way more flex then mine and more clearance (which is...
  7. Giveaway of the Month - July 2019 - [***10 Winners***] Full Set DuroSpring Upper Bump Stops

    Would be nice to squeeze a little more into my wells and smooth out the hard bunps
  8. Giveaway of the Month - June 2019 - Full Set JL Wrangler Inner Fender Wells

    Because the stock fender flares need replacing and I dont want the engine bay getting messy.
  9. California WTS (socal)Brand new stock rubicon wheels/tires

    With, however I dont think they are installed. They gave me a bag full of them.
  10. California WTS (socal)Brand new stock rubicon wheels/tires

    Located in Temecula/Sun City/Murrieta area Selling my never been driven stock Rubicon wheels and tires. No shipping, cash only in so cal area. Asking 1200 obo.