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  1. Texas (4) Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac 285 / 75 / 18 Tires, ONLY 600 Miles, MINT

    Hi, For sale, (4) Wrangler Duratrac tires with ONLY 600 miles on them. They are in Like New Condition!! The tire size 285 / 75 / 18 which roughly 35" tires. These came off of my 2021 Ford F250 Tremor (I put 37" tires on the Tremor). The price is $899 for all 4. This is for pick-up only in...
  2. Getting 6-7% off of Invoice still considered competitive/good pricing?

    Hey, My wife ordered a rubicon back in May 2019, and we got 7% under invoice (Austin TX area). I'm thinking of picking up a 2020 with a manual transmission (just something to mess around with). I'm not sure if the market has changed for wrangler's, but is 6-7% under invoice still considered a...
  3. Any recommended Bed-Liner Spray with a textured finish?

    Hi, I'm looking to spray paint some rock sliders. I put a couple of coats of the VHT wrinkle plus coating and I'm not a fan. I'm now looking into bed-liner spray with a textured finish. The more textured the finish the better...any recommendations? Thanks
  4. Texas FS: 2019 Rubicon Front Bumper, Upper/Lower Covers, New Condition

    Bump, back to the top. :) Friendly reminder, I'm not shipping the bumper. This is for pick-up only.
  5. Texas FS: 2019 Rubicon Front Bumper, Upper/Lower Covers, New Condition

    Hi, Recently replaced the front bumper on our 2019 Wrangler Rubicon. For sale: the original bumper, upper cover, and lower cover. All pieces were taken off when the Jeep had 500 miles on it, so in like-new condition. I’ll include all the plastic fasteners as well. The fog lights and wiring...
  6. Texas FS: JL Rubicon Rock Rails, New Condition

    Rock rails have been sold!
  7. Texas FS: JL Rubicon Rock Rails, New Condition

    Back to the top. New Condition rock rails from a 2019 Rubicon. Price is only $99. Pick up in Austin TX.
  8. Who is offering a Great Deal on a 2020 JL order?

    They may be willing to match the pricing if your able to show that a competitor will do 8% under the invoice for a 2020. I took that approach with Nyle Maxwell. They are literally 3 minutes away from me. :like: I showed them a quote from a dealer that was 150 miles away. They had no issue...
  9. Texas FS: JL Rubicon Rock Rails, New Condition

    Hi, For sale, rock rails from a 2019 JL Wrangler Rubicon. They were taken off when the jeep had 50 miles on it so they are in New Condition. Price is $99. Pick up only in Austin TX. Not open to trades. Thanks
  10. Just picked up our New Rubicon!

    Thanks, everyone. We got an awesome deal on our JL Rubicon, just $10k over msrp. :rock: Kidding. ;) With the help of us this forum, we got 7% under invoice. About the average at the time of order.
  11. Just picked up our New Rubicon!

    Hello Everyone, My wife picked up her NEW Rubicon today! :) We ordered it from Nyle Maxwell in Austin about 6 weeks ago. With her lease ending next week, it was perfect timing. Overall great buying experience, we couldn't ask for more. Our Rubicon is pretty fully loaded, minus leather seating...
  12. FAIR DEAL UNTIL................

    I had a similar issue at a BMW dealership many moons ago. Sales guy and I agreed on a price, next up financing. For 15 minutes he tried to sell me a variety of packages. I ended up walking out.
  13. Jeep Wrangler May 2019 Sales Report

    Odd that Charger sales are up...I haven't read anything about changes to the car. As mentioned above, It's gotta be related to fleet sales. The margin for fleet sales must be lower for sure (I'm guessing).
  14. Advantage to buying at local dealership?

    Complete [email protected]&%. Feel free to share how the sales and service departments take long walks on the beach together.
  15. Good deal on JLU? (Dealer model)

    With 5k miles on the odometer, that's far from being new. As others have noted, the price they have quoted you is too close to what folks are getting for an actually new wrangler. Maybe some other dealer will give a fair price on your trade.
  16. How much are saving on a MOAB? 6% under invoice?

    I started this thread with the intention of purchasing a MOAB, but we ended up ordering a Rubicon. The MSRP was $52,550 and it was sold to us for $46,000 (plus TTL), which is 7% under invoice. I know folks are getting bigger discounts than this, but it' a fair price. It also gets a little...
  17. Advantage to buying at local dealership?

    One advantage of buying's local Go for the better deal. The service department will not care where you purchased it from...they'll still charge to service it. :)
  18. BIKINI Wrangler JL Club

    I just spotted this yesterday at Nyle Maxwell. They were unloading it from their carrier. I think the color is fantastic....