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  1. Anyone own the Lange Hoist a Top for JL Wrangler?

    Extremely helpful. Thank you so much for posting the great pics. If I wanted to be uber insane about it, would it make sense to plasti-dip the hook to give it a bit more of a rubberized coating? BTW absolutely love the yellow.
  2. Anyone own the Lange Hoist a Top for JL Wrangler?

    am1978 - mind sharing a good photo of the JLU hoisted, with a good perspective on the rear hook? i am confused/concerned about how the painted (not padded) rear hook attaches without scratching the painted hard top.
  3. Anyone own the Lange Hoist a Top for JL Wrangler?

    I have the Lange Hoist a Top Simple, and the new JL hook is really confusing me. First of all, it's metal and not rubberized like the hooks provided for the JKs and YJs. I have the painted hard top, so am concerned about scratching the paint. Looks like STING has a painted top as well, so...
  4. Need color opinion Sting Gray

    What ceramic coating did you get? Interested in doing so for my new Rubi.
  5. SmartStopStart, disable ESS the way it should have been designed

    Another testimonial - received and installed, works perfectly. Had my wife do the install, in fact - easier with smaller hands, though still a tight squeeze. Exactly what I was looking for, however. Appreciate the solid product.
  6. Does anyone else have paint blemishes?

    Searched the forum for a relevant thread, because I didn't think my concern warranted a new one - so here goes. Picked up my new 18 JL Rubicon on 8/30. Absolutely love it so far. It's a special vehicle, for sure. That said, I've since noticed 2 small chips on the rear edge of the plastic...