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  1. 285 75 R17 tire help!

    excuse the crappy image, but this is my daughter's '21 sport s with no lift , 0 offset wheels & the 285 rubi KO2's
  2. Road Armor 518ALMP1B Stealth A-Pillar Light Bar Mount

    seems that with my light bar being 52.5" wide(Mictuning magic), I'm not afforded many options when it comes to finding a light bar for over my windshield that also include a lower mount for a set of pods. Just about any of the mounts out there, if there is any "size compatibility" listed, will...
  3. Rear Cargo Mat Help

    check your email for some information you might find helpful
  4. North Carolina FS: Five 2019 Rubicon Wheels and Tires - 5,600 miles

    how, exactly have you put 5600000 (5600K) miles on a 2019? ;)
  5. Washington super slim dual row off road LED light bar

    30" bar, complete with mounting brackets originally purchased to go on the front bumper of my rubicon, I"ve decided to get a 52" bar & mount it over the windshield when I purchased this, it was listed as 400 watts: I checked the amp draw and it only draws about 8.3 it's only a 100...
  6. Washington GPCA cargo cover for 2-door JL

    final price drop & it's going in the garbage if it doesn't sell $45 shipped
  7. Washington DIY headliner materials

    up to the top!
  8. We Shall See...

    I agree, but for an initial “match check”, it will give me a good idea if it’s even close
  9. We Shall See...

    thinking of picking up some small trim pieces & painting them to match the red of the dash: I"ll try it out, without primer, on my old antenna base to see what kind of a match it is..if it's close, I'll probably do some speaker trim & front/rear vent trim to start & gradually add a little here &...
  10. We Shall See...

    Been looking all over creation for paint that matches the satin metallic red of my rubi dash..been told several paint codes, color names, etc...I THINK I FINALLY MAY HAVE FOUND THE MOTHER LODE!!!!! "Inferno red" paint code PRH/PRJ lacquer spray paint $35 per 5 ounce can
  11. Georgia FS: 2020 JL Take Off Parts

    willing to ship? if so, I"ll take the halogen fogs
  12. What colors do you want to see on the JL/JT?

    just a little trivia: do you know WHY the early vehicles were only available in black?
  13. Washington Set of (4) "new" tpms sensors off a '21 Sport S

    supplied new wheels & tpms sensors to the dealer & traded my daughter's stock tires & wheels for a set of (5) BFG 285/KO2's Instead of just putting the new tires on our new wheels, which they did, they also removed all 4 of the sensors from the stock tires/wheels & gave those back to us (I've...
  14. Any luck?

    when my daughter ordered her '21 sport s, I made a deal with the dealership that they would keep the stock tires and rims and they'd supply us with (5) of the goodrich ko2's in the 285/rubi size...I'd already purchased the method 309 wheels & sensors. just looking through parts yesterday & it...
  15. Do Higher Trim Owners Look Down on us Sport/Sport S owners?

    even better story for a hijack: my daughter ended up with a '21 sport s rather than a '20 on account of the dealer being a total douche...4 months later, I decide, since we really don't use it any more, to trade my '15 super crew F350 in on a jeep: had planned on ordering a '21 snazberry willys...
  16. Would you recommend the Ecodiesel for my use case listed below? I am on the fence.

    one thing to consider with your short commutes is the battery: diesels, in particular take a lot of juice to start, I had a friend who does road service for AAA tell me that, for the amount of juice it takes to start a diesel, you need to run it at least 20-30 minutes to replace that juice you...
  17. The FIX for the drip rail water leaking that anyone can do

    according to my daughter, "these are awesome! no more getting douched in the rain every time I open my door"...