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  1. Lightstream vs Chrysler financing?

    Ok thanks. I usually pay a bit more per month and thought maybe it wasnt allowed. Thanks again. I keep reading good reviews about Lightstream. Might be the way to go.
  2. Lightstream vs Chrysler financing?

    Right now, they are beating my credit union by .80% with auto pay. Never had a auto pay loan before. Are you able to pay extra per month?
  3. $295 SiriusXM Year Subscription Option

    Take the 3 month trail period once you purchase the Jeep. Call and tell them you want a 12 month plan, they will say $295. Tell them no thanks, way too high of a price...hold on let me connect you with our promotions department. It will come down to around $10 per month. NEVER give them a CC...
  4. JL Sliding Roof Rack

    That's exactly my concern. It seems it may be a bit too much fabric to clear any type of rack when the top is fully open.
  5. JL Sliding Roof Rack

    I wonder if anyone will make a rack that will work with the Power Sliding Top?
  6. Premium soft top experiences

    That will be just the thing I need when it is available for the JL.
  7. Premium soft top experiences

    Just when I am ready to order the Power Top, this thread shows up on a great soft top. My only reason for the power top is ease of access to the cargo area. I need to get in and out of there for all my crap for work. Let me ask something. Has anyone ever heard of a soft top with a hard top like...
  8. Miscellaneous impressions from Detroit Auto Show

    So you need to have a difficult removal of the top to be a "real" Wrangler? Good I will have one bc I had a dual top before and storing the top is a pita for me. As far as fashion goes, it's raining out and my favorite sneakers have holes in them, I refuse to get rid of them...
  9. Is the power soft top worth waiting for?

    I am waiting for it. No place to keep a hardtop. My last Jeep had dual tops. Once it was off, never used it again. Power top Rubicon for me.
  10. BLACK Wrangler JL Club

    Anyone going with the Tan leather interior with the Black exterior? Thinking about it.
  11. My theory on power slide top

    Just give me a power My Top without the 5k price tag!!
  12. Spotted Today: 2018 JLU Rubicon Red on Ohio Turnpike

    Don't back into a tree with those tail lights $$$$$
  13. Spotted Today: 2018 JLU Rubicon Red on Ohio Turnpike

    I see a Blind spot system on this one. Notice the yellow light in the upper left mirror in the one pic. I bet that is what the black box on the tail light is.
  14. Tread Lightly discount

    You need to join Tread Lightly at the $100 dollar level. You must be a member for 30 days before you can use the discount to order or buy a vehicle. At that point you visit a website to get a control number to take to a dealer to get the 1% below invoice pricing. I am not a member, but that is...
  15. Tread Lightly discount

    Nevermind...I seen it is 1% below invoice, same as X plan. Mods feel free to delete.
  16. Tread Lightly discount

    Hello I am eligible for the X plan discount from my work. I have seen the Tread Lightly site and it also has a discount available to members at a $100 level for 30 days of membership. What is the discount offered and can I combine it with the X plan? Thanks for any help.