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  1. Hardtop Creaking and Popping

    I agree; chasing rattles in a Wrangler is a losing proposition.
  2. My 392 Rubicon order is showing a price now ($77k) !!!

    That's not true. Many (most?) full size pickups are used as regular cars by a lot of suburbanites and others who want "some" off-road capability as well. For example, you'd be surprised how often Wranglers and Rams are cross-shopped. Many people don't buy on need, they buy on image or...
  3. My 392 Rubicon order is showing a price now ($77k) !!!

    Is this like the tomboy girl who doesn't know she's pretty then takes off her glasses and shakes her hair and turns into a supermodel? :CWL:
  4. My 392 Rubicon order is showing a price now ($77k) !!!

    Not for nothing, but the same is true for turbocharged engines. On vehicles I’ve owned with turbos, as the turbo engaged you could see the gas gauge drop.
  5. My 392 Rubicon order is showing a price now ($77k) !!!

    Colorado’s Governor has already expressed a desire to ban ICE from all Colorado public roads. So ICE may exist but literally on private land only.
  6. My 392 Rubicon order is showing a price now ($77k) !!!

    In the past they have pledged to ban fracking, period. They will stop all drilling whatsoever on public lands, even under existing leases.
  7. My 392 Rubicon order is showing a price now ($77k) !!!

    Don’t forget they’ve promised to ban fracking, so existing wells won’t be able to produce all that was expected.
  8. Is the JL the worst Jeep ever?

    Really, complaints are in the eye of the beholder. A great example is on my TJ i had Jeep replace my driveshaft five times before giving up as it would develop a loud "clank" when shifting between reverse and forward when fully stopped. Each time the replacement driveshaft would solve the...
  9. My 392 Rubicon order is showing a price now ($77k) !!!

    Usually paint availability or scheduling. If they have preorders for or want to build a bunch of black ones, they won't changeover just to build a handful of red ones.
  10. My 392 Rubicon order is showing a price now ($77k) !!!

    That’s simply not true; once the US is out of the oil business, those buying US oil will bring down the “net” supply and OPEC will reduce production because they know they have the US over a (forgive me) barrel. The end of Keystone XL means the Mideast will be our only viable source of oil as...
  11. Test drove the 3.0L Diesel

    True now, not true if say 60% of Los Angeles has their cars plugged in overnight.
  12. Is the JL the worst Jeep ever?

    The saying is "Won't see it from the bar."
  13. Test drove the 3.0L Diesel

    Not really and in fact it makes maintenance far more difficult as you're running at high capacity 24/7. There are an awful lot of people who work at night that would need to charge during the day not to mention those who would charge at work. Personally I would treat an electric car like I do...
  14. Test drove the 3.0L Diesel

    If left to industry, that would be the case. Instead it will be imposed by Government based upon a dart board timeline, and cost and practicality will not feature into the equation at all.
  15. Question About Jeep Value (before I take delivery today)

    Miserable as compared to being in massive debt? I doubt it. Ramsey is rather inflexible, but being debt free has its major advantages, and many don't have the financial self-discipline to never, ever carry a balance on a credit card and so end up paying 22% interest. That having been said...
  16. Body shop did more damage to my Jeep*

    This is how Jeep (and other companies) get away with bad QC. Jeep loves the "it's a Jeep" attitude where it's "just a Jeep" so you are trained to expect horrible quality in dealing with a $50K vehicle or service. For the record, Tesla does it too, with body gaps and build issues on a $125K...
  17. Test drove the 3.0L Diesel

    It can't. That's never stopped government or the eco crowd. Look at California and their electric mandates when they already have rolling blackouts in hot weather.
  18. Is the JL the worst Jeep ever?

    At that age Wranglers depreciate just as fast as other cars do. In my experience, it's only in the longer term that Wranglers tend to hold their value. KBB's listed trade-in values are a joke; without access to Mannheim values, generally KBB trade-in - 10% seems about right, or swing by a...
  19. Is the JL the worst Jeep ever?

    Depending on who you talk to that's not necessarily better; a certain YouTube car personality calls them "endless money pits." :LOL: However, I've owned several Audis in my life and all of them have been completely reliable though I admit to not keeping them longer than seven years each. Good...
  20. Is the JL the worst Jeep ever?

    Sold or repurchased by FCA?