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  1. % of Diesels with major problems?

    I agree. I also believe in the use of battery maintainers as others have mentioned. DEF does has a shelf life from what I’ve read. For that reason, on an Ecodiesel RAM that doesn’t get used that often, I do not fill the DEF tank. When it gets low I add only one jug at a time.
  2. Locker sensor failing

    Check out page 3 of the datasheet. The off state and on state supply currents basically match those you measured. I bet it’s one of these.
  3. Locker sensor failing

    I agree. Isn’t that ridiculous, to replace the whole axle ass’y! Geez..... I interact with a few component distributors and a couple TE people. I suppose they couldn’t officially share much if anything about the specs on that TE sensor. But I am going to ask.....
  4. Locker sensor failing

    I see Diodes Inc makes a specific line of Hall sensors for this application. They use only two pins, and switch the supply current between a low and high value, based on proximity to magnet. Here is a link to a datasheet: Now if we...
  5. Locker sensor failing

    Awesome, thanks for pointing me to that. Much groundwork has already been discovered! Attached is a crude sketch and rationale on how we might emulate the currents measured by CaJLMetalHead. We’d have to verify what voltage is present at the sensing wires, to select the right R1 value. We’d...
  6. Locker sensor failing

    I’d sure like to investigate one of these sensors, to see if we couldn’t identify the specific components in there. Hall sensors are made by many manufacturers. I would expect this position sensing to use a very simple type Hall sensor. I also assume it’s the Hall sensor itself that’s...
  7. DIY Gear Swap - Step by Step Video's - Rubicon 5.13

    I too appreciate the videos you made for us. Thank you very much! I plan on tackling mine this late Winter or early Spring. About the possible need to tweek the pinion depth, to correct the mesh pattern and a need for extra crush sleeves: Does it work to initially set the torque to turn...
  8. Tennessee WTB 4.10 gear set JL Rubicon

    Jas, I too have a diesel, am runing 35”, and believe 4.10s will be optimum. Opinions vary as to what “optimum” means of course. I ocassionally pull a small offroad camping trailer and the additional 9.9% gear reduction will keep it in 8th gear a greater percentage of the time when traveling...
  9. Help me get off the fence

    Let’s face it, you’ve already made up your mind. You want the diesel! It is pretty awesome.
  10. First Issue with my JLURD

    Did you put a wrench on that bolt to see if it was loose?
  11. Texas Rubicon rear 4.10 gears

    It’s exactly half of what I’m looking for and your price is great.. I’m guessing if I bought it, I’d not find just the other front gears.
  12. Regear for Ecodiesel - What Ratio

    I’ve got 3.55 gears in a 2014 Ecodiesel RAM. Early-on, I wished sometimes that I’d gotten the 3.73 because it took only a minor headwind or slope to make it downshift to 7th. Then got the GDE tune. Not only is the mpg and throttle response better, but it holds 8th gear with a noticeably...
  13. Thoughts on Rust-proofing, undercoating, paint protection?

    On a 2012 Jk Rubicon the axles housings and suspension arms had a fair amount of cosmetic rust, after two Wisconsin (salt) winters. I then started using fluidfilm on that Jeep, the Ram we bought in 2014, and on the 2018 JK we traded the 2012 in for. It’s a bit messy with that stuff, but wipe...
  14. Winter grille cover

    I wonder if we could make a panel to slip behind the grill. I haven’t really looked at that in detail yet. I agree, that quilted-looking cover isn’t the most attractive!. It could be smooth and have “Jeep” screened on it or something. The Ram cover used no adhesive and hasn’t affected my...
  15. Brakes?

    I’ve been happy with the brake performance on mine, running 315/70-17 K02.
  16. Winter grille cover

    I’ve been wondering if we need grill covers for our Jeeps. Mine was delivered after winter temps, so I’ve not experienced that yet. With my 2014 Ram ecodiesel, I run the grill cover when temps are in the 40s or lower. Even a 30min drive in temps in the 50S do not make it run much higher than...
  17. 2021 ecodiesel badge

    Are you running the stock 33” tires? If so, I believe at 60mph, the tach will show about 1750rpm with 4.10, or about 1590 with 3.73.
  18. First Diesel Oil Change

    I did the first oil change the other day, at 2750 miles on the odometer. Used Motul 8100 X-cess gen2 5W-40 and Mopar filter. It’s only within the last month or so that Motul’s website shows MS-12991 for this gen2 version. My drain plug was not leaking, but was kind of scary how loose it was...
  19. 2021 Diesel gearing changed to 4.10?

    I would prefer 4.10 with 35” tires, if given the choice.