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  1. Stock spare tire carrier. Does yours get pushed backwards at all when a tire is mounted?

    It's all good, thank you for your time and info. Much appreciated. I'm not going to worry about it.
  2. Stock spare tire carrier. Does yours get pushed backwards at all when a tire is mounted?

    Thank you for the information. For clarification, did you mean to say pushing up, or pushing backward?
  3. Stock spare tire carrier. Does yours get pushed backwards at all when a tire is mounted?

    I recently bought new summer rims with a +20 offset and put some K02 DT 275/70 R18 on them. They fit on my spare carrier just fine. I then took the stock rims with their +44 offset and got a set of 275/70 R18 winter tires mounted on them and then installed all five winter tires on the jeep. In...
  4. Difficulty with 4Lo

    Hey, sorry I just noticed this notification now. My apologies. It snowed a ton here overnight and I actually used 4H this morning for the first time since my previous run in with it. Strangely enough it gave me momentary pause from 2H to 4H on the first try, but on the second attempt it popped...
  5. Deals on tires

    Thank you for the feedback. Unfortunately the tire size I chose (275/70/18) only came in E rated. I am kind of wondering what I am missing, but then again, if it's not broken... Edit: what's NVG? Thanks
  6. Deals on tires

    Yeah I understand that it used a more durable and stiffer compound... I was just trying to rationalize why they would abort the production on these, especially given how popular the K02 is. Either the DT model just wasn't selling enough, or the real world performance didn't provide enough of a...
  7. Deals on tires

    To the uneducated, can you elaborate? I had my wrangler for about 2.5 weeks from brand new with the stock duelers on it before I switched to K02's which are E rated. I didn't seem to notice much, if any difference... however I have minimal experience prior to this with any tires of this nature...
  8. Deals on tires

    Well that is unfortunate, I really like these tires. I don't understand why they would want to kill off the DT lineup. I am in Canada so I have a dedicated set of winter tires and have no need for a set of summer tires that also happen to be branded with the 3PMSF like the regular K02's so...
  9. Roof rack storage totes... bad idea?

    Thank you all for the storage bin suggestions, I am looking at all of them. :)
  10. Roof rack storage totes... bad idea?

    Thank you for the advice, it is much appreciated. I have been looking at those rear cargo haulers that you linked. They do look very handy and convenient. I do have a tow hitch so I will likely get one. In regards to overthinking this, you're not wrong... I may be going a bit overboard on this...
  11. Deals on tires

    I'd appreciate any insight you have. It was a monumental struggle to get a set of these, including one shop who said they'd get me the DT's and then went and mounted a set of 3PMSF K02's to a set of brand new rims I bought from them, scratching the rims in the process. Perhaps it was relevant...
  12. Deals on tires

    Why did BFG discontinue the K02 DT line? I can't seem to get a solid answer on this from anyone local. Also, and this is obviously not directed at you, but damn it would be nice if Canadians didn't get the shit end of the stick on buying tires. No deals on any of these tires, and certainly no 4...
  13. Roof rack storage totes... bad idea?

    I keep hearing / reading that overlanding term. I need to spend some time and educate myself on this stuff more. Why because it is intended for that does it command a sky high price?
  14. Roof rack storage totes... bad idea?

    Thank you for the suggestion, I will check them out :)
  15. Roof rack storage totes... bad idea?

    I figured the fuel mileage was going to suffer as a result. I guess that will be part and parcel of strapping those up there. As for the image I posted in the OP, I found that searching in this forum from someone else who wanted to do something similar. So you figure that the sidewalls of...
  16. fuel consumption

    It seems insane to me that you somehow get better fuel economy out of that Camaro, but hey, I get that the wrangler is a box on wheels.
  17. fuel consumption

    Hi Bumble Bee, through some research on this topic, I see it said a lot that after a few thousand miles / kilometers the fuel consumption levels off. Is this just because the engine is still in break in / needs to wear off some extra metal friction and such internally, or what changes over the...
  18. Anyone try these rain diverters?

    Your avatar gets me every damn time... :LOL:
  19. Difficulty with 4Lo

    I have a manual transmission, from what I understand either engaging the clutch, or taking the stick out of gear into neutral was satisfactory for this process. Was I misinformed? I really, really hope not to repeat that as it was horrible, so in one sense it would be relieving if it was shown...
  20. Why is a Sahara taller than my Rubicon?

    I just measured my '21 Sahara with 275/70/18 K02's... bang on 50" to the bottom of the side view mirror as shown in your pics... which seems weird that you would get the exact same measurement on your Sahara as it appears you're on smaller/stock tires