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  1. Antenna size and mounts

    Thanks... I made a little experiment on my way home... I turned the volume down, around 15.. it was 18... it didn’t reboot once.. That looks so weird... I will keep testing, including change a ground point..
  2. Antenna size and mounts

    Thanks. The positive is wiring to AUX3 in the cabin. Last night I tried to shake it hard by using my hand with CB power on. It looks solid, no rebooting issue? Negative is wiring to a bolt I found on the door side..this is holding up much more stable. is it possible I chose the wrong ground point?
  3. Antenna size and mounts

    Finally, installed the CB. Use Alamein’s spot. But used 3M instead of zip ties. I found there is a square metal box.. could I ask anyone has the rebooting issue? I found out it’s rebooting randomly...what can cause this?
  4. Front and rear bars in Australia

    I think for front, rubicon one is the best, then ARB. For rear, I may go with ARB
  5. Arb single compressor mounting options..

    Attached screenshot shows where I mounted it so far. Screenshot took from YouTuber TewlTalk.
  6. Antenna size and mounts

    I have found the aux wires.. I tried to see your surprising spot..didn’t see it...
  7. ARB Intensity AR32 V2

    Sorry, last question. They provide the unit-thief bolt, right?
  8. ARB Intensity AR32 V2

    Did you drill two extra holes to hold the light? Is that a warn grille guard?
  9. Auxiliary led lights on OEM steel bumper

    Do you think it can fit two ARB Solis? Or AR21? for your light bar, I think you can also fit it on the bar.
  10. Auxiliary led lights on OEM steel bumper

    Is it the mid warn? How it is?
  11. US spec Rubicon Fenders

    I think AU version are LED lights, can the Halogen swap with the factory one?
  12. What Suspension setups are people running in Australia?

    Many people say stock can fit 285 75 17, which is close to 34.
  13. What Suspension setups are people running in Australia?

    Thank you so much. Do you drilled two holes? I’m thinking will only one bolt can hold it?
  14. JLU vs Benz vs Mitsubishi

    OK. Here is Australia, rubicon comes with KM2. So I thought other places will have same least in UK. Because we all have lower fender than US one.
  15. JLU vs Benz vs Mitsubishi

    Difference is when you don’t lock, G is all wheel drive, jeep is rear drive..however, JL has 4H auto now.
  16. JLU vs Benz vs Mitsubishi

    rubicon with ko2? i thought all rubicon comes with Km2.
  17. Extra fuel

    Auxiliary fuel tank?
  18. ARB 21-V2 Lights

    I would say ARB has great products, but you need to pay much more for theirs. Stedi is also a famous brand. I can see their led lights quite often on the roads. They have much better prices compare to ARB. ARB released solis light, it's cheaper than intensity v2, but still not comparable to...
  19. ARB 21-V2 Lights

    Please let me know if you found any bracket. I’m thinking of ARB light bar mounts on warn grille guard if I couldn’t find the bracket.
  20. What Suspension setups are people running in Australia?

    Do you mind show some detailed photos on the light? Did you mount them by using only one bolt?