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  1. Loose Steering Wrangler JL - Service Bulletin

    I discussed this with the service manager at a dealership. He said that he looked into it for me and that the parts are only for LHD and that there weren’t any fixes for the RHD at this point. At least no part numbers. He also said that our export models are similar to that of Europe. So we may...
  2. Fridge slide and camp kitchen to fit JLU in Australia

    If you are using the AAL system, then your cfx3 would fit for sure. If you are using someone else’s then it’s questionable. My AAL base plate is much thinner as it’s made from metal; whereas wood should be thicker. They’ve already tested your fridge and it works well.
  3. Fridge slide and camp kitchen to fit JLU in Australia

    I am running the waeco cfx 40. Most people use either this or the arb within that space. There are also a few threads on the forum here regarding that. Think you can search AAL slide or something.
  4. Fridge slide and camp kitchen to fit JLU in Australia

    The height of the rack is adjustable. And you’ll want to buy the slider as well to open your fridge. But this is the height at max height.
  5. Fridge slide and camp kitchen to fit JLU in Australia

    I won’t be able to get the install done for a while as the arb dual compressors are out of stock till October. But here are a few pics I’ve pulled together for you.
  6. Fridge slide and camp kitchen to fit JLU in Australia

    I did buy the compressor bracket, the battery bracket and the air outlet relocation bracket. So will be doing all that install soon. Looking into whether I can fit a lithium battery in there instead of an odyssey pc1100.
  7. Fridge slide and camp kitchen to fit JLU in Australia

    The black boxes I am using right now are just the Frontrunner wolfpacks. I didn't buy their drawers as I wanted to try and keep weight down a bit. But shipping was definitely the expensive part. It was approximately 40% of the purchase price. Funnily enough, it was cheaper to ship as individual...
  8. AU Rubicon Fenders

    Give ATV Automotive a call. They told me that they were working with ORS to build something similar to goose gear for our JLs over here. Like @BikiniJL , I was worried about weight as well... So I ordered American Adventure Lab's shelf, platform and slider instead and plan on using some...
  9. Bullbars in Australia?

    Interesting. I didn't realise that they allow for the rear distance sensors to be installed on them... Is this new? Or your own mod?
  10. Fridge slide and camp kitchen to fit JLU in Australia

    Speak with ATV Automotive in Five Docks. They are working with ORS to create an Australian version of Goose Gear Kitchen set-up. Alternatively, if you don't mind the shipping costs, American Adventure Lab will also have something similar coming out. I just ordered their products and installed it...
  11. Antenna size and mounts

    I use the GME XRS 330 with the 6.6db antenna and purchased the 15cm 2.1db shortie as that's only $20. I use the 2.1 around town and the 6.6 raised antenna when I travel. You won't get use of the 12db unless it's really flat ground. I'll post photos later for reference. Oh, and I attached it to...
  12. Molle Panel Solutions: Front & Rear feedback/help

    Hi Everyone, I've been reviewing most of the MPS overhead panel feeds, but noticed that no one has ever really reviewed it. Are you guys happy with it? And does it make noises at all? I ask because I've ordered both the front and rear overhead panels a while back. I tried to install them with...
  13. What Tailgate Table do you run?

    When you have the top shelf open/standing up, is it actually stable like that? Or is there a risk of the top shelf falling back down into the horizontal position? Thanks!
  14. ARB Bondi Deluxe Bumper as alternative to AEV and others?

    Hey! Where are you rubbing? Front or rear? And have you installed a larger bump stop? I was under the impression that you need that as it's only a 2 inch lift?
  15. Show Me Your MOLLEs

    Did anyone install these same Molle Panels onto their JL? I purchased both the front and rear ones. But they don't seem to fit properly up front and the rear ones didn't seem like a good fit either. Perhaps I got sent the wrong parts?
  16. TPMS Warning light on, but all sensors read pressure

    Just figured that I would echo the same problems. My car is brand new. No TPMS Sensor issues until I swapped to 37" tires. I was driving on the AEV 2.5" lift for a few days and never had that issue. It all started only after the wheel and tazer mini install. After unmarrying and rebooting...
  17. Tazer (Programmer) for the JL

    Thank you so much for the advise. Will go pump my tires back up to 38 psi before bringing it back down. Having said that, did you leave your current Tazer settings at 30 psi (or what ever the setting was at before) when you did this? Or did you change that around first?
  18. Tazer (Programmer) for the JL

    I purchased a JL lite and upgraded to a mini and had it installed after upgrading my tires to 37”. I was able to set tire size and psi settings. But the tire sensor warning never goes away. I’ve tried setting it between 28 and 30 psi on both front and back and have also unmarried and remarried...
  19. ARB Bondi Deluxe Bumper as alternative to AEV and others?

    Great looking bumper! Do you have problems with the sensors on them at all? And are you running 35 or 37?