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  1. Scumbag Alert!!!

    My pic? Yes, great trail but it’s snowed over right now.
  2. cold trans stall/ hesitating

    Nope I have t been back yet. Haven’t had the time. It’s still doing it though. Just waiting for it to grenade then they may actually fix it instead of just flashing it. My buddy has a 2.0 here local in Colorado as well and it’s smooth as butter even when it’s in the teens.
  3. cold trans stall/ hesitating

    Any update on this?
  4. Scumbag Alert!!!

    What a piece of shit you are. @Kev666
  5. Colorado Kuhl Spyfire Hoody Brand New

    TTT with a solid price drop!
  6. Colorado Kuhl Spyfire Hoody Brand New

  7. Colorado Kuhl Spyfire Hoody Brand New

    Brand new with tags Kuhl Spyfire Hoody in River Blue. Size Medium Retails for $279 asking $230- now $185 plus $10 for shipping. Payment options PayPal, Zelle, Venmo -Insulation: 100% Goose Down 800-fill Water-resistant finish, softshell yoke, collar stand, and zipper garage overlay for...
  8. Opinions on Rock Krawler Lifts

    Same here. I have a 2.5” RK lift that really yields around 3.25-3.5 and running the ones 2-4” set at 10” center to center.
  9. Opinions on Rock Krawler Lifts

    Yep you’re fine
  10. cold trans stall/ hesitating

    Glad to hear...keep me posted. Does yours actually stall completely or just clunk when it’s cold? Mine just clunks up and down until around 120-130 never stalled out or threw a code though. My dealership was able to replicate and flash the PCM and TCM but it’s back now.
  11. cold trans stall/ hesitating

    Mine is back to clunking again when cold as well. Worked well for about 1.5wks from their flash but that’s it. Mine does not throw any codes but it’s definitely the trans and temp related. 8300 miles on mine but I’m going to drive it till it grenades since the dealership says it just needs to be...
  12. cold trans stall/ hesitating

    No it never stalled.
  13. cold trans stall/ hesitating

    I posted a thread about this as well. Mine was not hesitating, but it was clunking between 2-3 up and 3-2 down until the trans reached around 120-130° since it started getting cold outside here. My dealer reset and flashed my transmission definitely drives better now without the clunking even...
  14. Tazer JL - 3rd brake light pulse feature

    Dumb question about updating my Tazer. Can I just remove it, update, and re-install, or do I have to unmarry first, then update, re-install, and add all my options back?
  15. 2.0 Engine Skid Plates

    ..yep, and that’s exactly why Ididnt buy it. I was just answering the question about buying in pieces.
  16. 2.0 Engine Skid Plates

    You can buy individually if you want.
  17. Who would be interested in a HEATED Oculus LED Headlight option?

    Let me know if you want me to put them to use out here in the mountains of Colorado!
  18. Rear Bumper Integrated LED Reverse Lights

    You know USPS is behind right? I bought something and it shipped on the 5th and received it on the 26th and I only live 7hrs away as well. Utah-Colorado