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  1. Oklahoma 4 door Gobi Stealth rack and accessories

    Will it fit a hardtop
  2. 13.2 mpg with 37s....

    Well when I switched over to Cooper STT Pros 37x13.50x17 my mileage went to 12.5 mpg and when my foot gets in the way it drops down real quick. Also all of my traveling isn't flat land....... living in the Appalachian up and down these hills the mileage isn't very good any way....
  3. Muffler delete

    This is what happened traveling to work one day.
  4. Muffler delete

    @Spiffypina I ran mine with no delete pipe just with the exhaust with no muffler. While I did the same thing and felt the pipe and thought nothing should happen. My commute back and fourth to work at the time was about an hour, the exhaust fumes were hot enough to melt my bumper reflector and...
  5. 3.6L "Hiccup"

    I have an auto and it has been doing it since day 1. I always called it a burp and at first I thought it was cool and no big deal, however when I am out wheeling it is very annoying when trying to negotiate rocks or hills or a mudhole. not sure what the cause is or why.
  6. Operation Mall Crawler: Michigan to Virginia to collect 40s for the mall

    Bro really..... you know I was chasing those wheels and tires as well and that was the idea I had exactly..... now you had to post up a thread about it???? trip looks awesome.... and congrats on the 40s bro they really look nice..... :like:
  7. Lost Rear Spring.

    How do you lie that Suspension I was thinking about going with RK
  8. Washington Tailgate hinges and hood latches

    so how much to bubble wrap and mail to 15001
  9. Florida FOR SALE: Brand New JLU 4-Door JEEP Mopar All-Weather Floor Mat Set

    Sure thing I Was waiting until you got back in town after your trip up north here. Let me know.
  10. Texas Genesis dual battery kit with 2 Odyssey batteries $1,050.00

    If I was closer would scoop that up...
  11. Patching Rhino Rack bolt holes in JLU Hard Top?

    They make different applications with fiberglass resin that can be used. Also spraying it to match shouldn't be an issue. However I have the issue that you do, I have a rhino rack with backbone system sitting in my garage. Debating on the same issue, to drill or not to drill? @jakeirish
  12. Manually shift 8spd auto impressions...

    I love the manual option, use it most of the time. Yes it is very responsive, I was impressed with a Jeep.
  13. My 392 Rubicon order is showing a price now ($77k) !!!

    Well at the price I paid for mine, dropping a Demon in it i would still be under that price. Maybe I should go that route instead of the 392. Congrats though love the look...
  14. Killer deal on 40" STT Pros

    Ughhh..... was going to try for 5...... LoL